Jane Taylor

For me, jewelry combines art and the heart; it is my favorite creative passion.

Jane Taylor Jewelry

"I love the sparkle and beams of energy that radiate from gorgeous and intense gemstones. I love the sculptural playfulness of light dancing off highly polished jewelry, and the moody softness it has when the surface has been softened by texture. I love the strong, yet delicate femininity inherent in the metal, and its ability to communicate organic qualities while maintaining graphic and geometric integrity."
-- Jane Taylor

Award-winning designer Jane Taylor was the first to introduce the contemporary bezel settings into the fashion world with her signature "chubby bezel" designs. She has continued to set trends with new and innovative diamond and gem designs in her cluster and pave bezel settings. From her wonderful two-part stud and jacket diamond earrings to her pave cuff links, Jane's designs are as unique and individual as you are.