Michael Bondanza

Classic, elegant, and modern jewelry for today's woman.

Michael Bondanza Jewelry

Designer jewelry creator Michael Bondanza is a gifted artist who descends from a long line of sculptors and artistic visionaries. As befits an artist, Michael Bondanza's family traces its roots to a town in Italy that was touched by the hand of Michelangelo. Today, Michael Bondanza is recognized for his classic and clean luxury jewelry designs in bridal jewelry and more.

Jewelry design began as a hobby for Michael Bondanza -- he started of designing pieces for his friends. As word spread of his talent, demand grew and Michael Bondanza started marketing his creations. His first commercial designs were bought by Cartier jewelry. Before long, he began working in his preferred medium of platinum, and caused quite a sensation in his own right in the jewelry world.

Best known for his sleek bridal collections, Michael Bondanza describes his creations as "clean, modern, and pure." Although his designer jewelry is decidedly contemporary and distinctive, it is still subtle and understated. With Bondanza's signature high-polished platinum feature, it's fair to say that a ring from his collection will never go unnoticed.

Michael Bondanza is truly one of the high end jewelry brands of the century.