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A pretty black sterling silver and Silk Peter Storm bracelet. This bracelet is woven with sterling silver that has a black and purple silk. Looks great on any skin tone. Comes in white, rose, and black colors.
Peter Storm: 12OO4

silver and purple silk bracelet
A rough looking mens 9mm Double Row Woven Cactus Leather Bracelet with SS Engraved Clasp. From the Fine Leathers Collection of Scott K.
Scott Kay for Men: 41U4

Mens rough double woven leather bracelet
A bulky mens sterling silver Leather Tapered Organic Knot Bracelet
Scott Kay for Men: 40U4

Mens Leather Knot Bracelet
A rugged mens sterling silver Cactus Leather Triple Strand Bracelet. This item is from the Fine Leathers Collection of Scott K.
Scott Kay for Men: 38U4

Mens woven leather bracelet

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