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Beautiful 950 Palladium wedding set by Scott Kay. The E-ring is set with .64ct and W'd band .44ct. All set in pave. Diamonds are VS F-G quality. Center stone is a 1.0ct CZ. Size 6.  Sols as a set only. This is a new old stock set. Very nice buy!!
Closeout Jewelry: 155U1

Scott Kay pave' diamond engagement ring & wedding...Reduced
This is the matching wedding band for Gumuchian's Eiffel Tower split shank ring. The three sided eternity ring is in platinum and set with 1.05ct of VS F-G quality diamonds. The ring is 2.3mm in width. The center diamond is available separately.
Gumuchian: 91J1

Eiffel Tower ring wedding set
A magnetic platinum ring in midnight blue polarium platinum and 18K gold center Steven Kretchmer wedding ring. The rings measure 6.0mm in width. The middle ring is 18K yellow gold with 0.14 diamond carat weight. Each half is opposite as to magnetic polarity causing the rings to attract the other half. This is priced up to size 7, for over size 7 call for pricing
Steven Kretchmer: 84O1

Men's Diamond and Gold Wedding Ring
This is the matching wedding band for Alex Soldier's 47NN1 engagement ring. This platinum band has 0.29ctw. of diamonds set on two sides. The notch allows it to flush up to the engagement ring perfectly.
Alex Soldier: 48NN1

Platinum diamond wedding band
A very fine 14k white gold diamond wedding set. The rings are soldiered together but can be sized and separated. 
The ring is set with a 4.7mm x 4.5mm ( .65CT) Princess cut diamond we grade SI1 H-I Very good cut grade. (grading is tight on this) The e-ring and band are set with 15 Princess cut diamonds that range from SI1 to VS, G-I color and very well cut and matched. Approximately total weight of 2.05ct. 
The rings measure 8mm total, 4 mm each at the top and tapers. 
The rings weight is total 6.8 grams and a size 6. Very fine condition with very little wear. 
You'll like this and it's made in America.
Closeout Jewelry: 332CO1

Channel set Diamond wedding setReduced
Michael Bondanza's beautiful platinum Sculptured Madison wedding band. Band perfectly contoured to fit along side of 58DD1. There are diamond going half way around the wedding band and has 0.25ctw of diamonds.
Michael Bondanza: 61DD1

platinum Sculptured Madison ring
Scott Kay 950 palladium and diamond engagement mounting set with.17ctw of VS F-G quality diamonds. Center stone is a 3/4ct CZ. The ring has milgrained edges and is micro pave. Size 6 3/4 and 2.3mm width. New old stock.  Very nice buy
Closeout Jewelry: 150U1

palladium diamond ringReduced
Palladium .32ctw pave diamond engagement mounting from Scott Kay. This price does not include the center stone. Matching w'd band set with .24ct. Diamonds are VS F-G quality. Center CZ is a 6mm. Set is size 6 1/2. This is new old stock. Sold as a set only but what a buy!!
Closeout Jewelry: 160U1

Scott Kay pave' diamond wedding setReduced
Platinum pave set diamond eternity wedding rings .25ct each.  The rings measure 1.5mm each and are a great buy.  Designed by Scott Kay.  Priced individually.
Scott Kay: 69U1

Platinum pave eternity wedding rings
Beauty and extremely fine craftsmanship define this platinum engagement ring from the Pearlman's Collection. The ring is set with 0.32 carats of fine round diamonds. The ring as shown is centered with a cushion shape blue sapphire, however this ring is available in round and cushion shape diamonds as well. The matching wedding ring is priced separately. This ring is also available in 18 karat gold as well. Center gemstones are not included in the pricing.
Pearlman's Bridal: 177EE1

Platinum engagement ring from the Pearlman's Collecti...
18K White Gold Naked Diamonds® Semi-mount engagement ring from Peter Storm, with a modern romantic feel. Elegant lines of diamonds showcase your stone, flanked by two princess cut diamonds. Shown with two curved bands to wear with your engagement ring. Perfect for your 1ct round diamond. Can be adapted for your center stone.  Price does not include center stone.
Peter Storm: 31OO1

Naked Diamonds engagment set
Michael B. ladies platinum crown lace side wedding bands 1.6mm each with .25ctw of full cut diamonds. The "wisps" are priced as each.
Michael B.: 16P1

platinum crown lace side wedding bands
A platinum engagement ring with a matching 18kt white gold wedding band.  Thr rings are set with 36 full cut ideal VS F-G quality diamonds, .60ct total. The width of both are 4.9mm, the rings are currently soldiered together and are a size 4 1/4.  Center diamond is NOT INCLUDED but the ring needs a .85-1.1c round center. Good buy and can be altered to a degree.
Closeout Jewelry: 057EJ1

diamond wedding set semi mountReduced
A stunningly beautiful handmade die struck filigree diamond ring. The ring is set with .20ct of VS F ideal cut diamonds. Totally carved by hand and made for a .50ct to 1.50ct diamond (center diamond not included. 7.8mm top width and tapers. Available in 18kt & 14kt white or yellow gold. Made in the USA!!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 01AD1

Platinum Edwardian diamond ring
Very beautiful platinum diamond Edwardian era style ring. The ring is set with .06ct of VS F ideal cut diamond. Stunning hand carving and filigree really stand out wonderfully with this ring. Made for a .40ct to 1.25ct diamond. (center diamond not included) Available also in 18kt & 14kt white or yellow gold. 9.5mm at the top and tapers. You'll like this ring it's solid and die struck the best.  Made in the USA!!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 03AD1

Platinum Diamond Edwardian Ring
Just a real beautiful ring. Edwardian era design from the original molds/dies. This lovely hand carved filigree ring is set with .12ct of VS F ideal cut diamonds. The ring is made to hold  1 3/8ct to 1.25ct. (center diamond not included) 7.1mm taper. Available in 18kt & 14kt white or yellow gold.  Handmade in the USA!!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 08AD1

Platinum Edwardian diamond ring
Stunning platinum Edwardian style diamond ring. This is a handmade filigree design with hand engraving. The ring is set with .18ct of VS F-G ideal cut diamonds. Needs a 3/8ct to 1 1/2ct center diamond (center diamond not included) The ring is a 9.4mm width and tapers. Available in 14kt and 18kt white or yellow gold.This ring is "die struck" and the finest made.  Made in America.
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 05AD1

Platinum Diamond Edwardian Ring
Palladium engagement mounting from Scott Kay.  Mounting is set with .20ctw of VS F-G quality diamonds. W'd band set with .18ct.  Ring has milgrain edges. Does not include center stone. 2.4mm width and size 6 3/4 New old stock. We do not have the matching wedding band to this piece. Nice buy!!
Closeout Jewelry: 149U1

Scott Kay engagement ring and wedding bandReduced
A very pretty hand engraved filigree Edwardian era style platinum diamond ring. This exquisite piece is set with .12ct of VS F ideal cut diamonds. Ring measures 8.1mm and tapers down. This ring is available in 18kt, 14kt white or yellow gold. Ring needs a 1/2ct or larger diamond. This is a die struck ring then made by hand. The best there is. Made in America!!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 14AD1

Platinum Diamond Edwardian Ring
Sleek and classy Platinum Edwardian era style filigree diamond ring. All hand carved this ring will hold a 3/8ct to 1.25ct center diamond (diamond not included) 6.9mm at the rings top then tapers. This is a die struck ring, solid, and the finest made.  Available in 18kt and 14kt white or yellow gold.  Proudly made in America!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 10AD1

Platinum Edwardian diamond ring
This is one of the most elegant rings you will ever see.  Beautifully hand carved with out of this world filigree. The ring is set with .24ct of VS, F, ideal cut diamonds. Made to hold a 3/4ct to 3.0ct center diamond. (center diamond not included. This design is available in 18kt and 14 kt white and yellow gold. You'll love this.  Handmade in the USA!!
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 02AD1

Platinum Diamond Edwardian Ring
Beautiful and delicate Edwardian era style platinum and diamond ring.  This piece is set with 6 VS F ideal cut diamonds. You'll the fine detail of filigree. 7.2mm tapered.  Ring should have a .40ct - 1.0ct center diamond. (center diamond not included)  Available in 18kt & 14kt white or yellow gold. These ring are die struck, the best made.  Manufactured in the USA
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 15AD1

Platinum Diamond Edwardian Ring
A gorgeous platinum Edwardian era style hand carved filigree diamond engagement ring.  Made for a 3/8ct to 1 1/4 ct diamond (center diamond not included) Set with .24ct of VS F ideal cut diamonds. The finest die struck ring made. 8.2mm at the top and tapers.  Made in America.
Pearlman's 1930 Vintage: 04AD1

Platinum Edwardian diamond ring
A vintage wedding set of 14kt white gold engagement ring and matching wedding band.  The set is a size 7.25 and both ring weigh total 4.7 grams.  Center diamond measures 6.42mm x 6.45mm x 4.0mm and has a calculated weight of  1.00 ct.  
The diamond has a slight cleavage at the table edge running slightly down the star facet.  I grade it a eye clean SI2. Color estimated JKL and the cut is very good 58-59 table.  

Diamond was not removed for grading.  Set on each side of the main diamond are 4 full cut round diamonds each weighing approx. .05ct each (.20ct total.  
Wedding band is set with 5 full cut .05ct diamonds weighing approx .25ct total. Smaller diamonds are SI-I1 clarity and are I-J color.   
Priced right as a set.
Estate Jewelry: 198EJ1

14k gold wedding set
Interesting 18kt white gold diamond ring. The piece is set with a center Pear shaped diamond weighing 2.70ct. The stones quality is SI1 clarity, J-K color. There are 52 diamonds weighing 3/4ct of full cut round diamonds in the mounting. Pear shapes are hard to mount in rings for the shape does not lend well but this is really pretty and shows well. The ring is a size 5, measures 15mm at the top, and weighs 7.8 grams.  The diamond is non certified but accurately graded. Neat piece!
Estate Jewelry: 118EJ1

2.70ct pear shaped diamond ring 18kt
Beautiful Scott Kay Vintage ladies platinum and diamond engagement ring. The engagement ring contains .41ct. total weight in diamonds. Matching platinum and diamond engraved wedding ring has .37ctw pave diamonds, priced at $4030.00.
Scott Kay: 103U1

Scott Kay Vintage engagement and matching band
This is an absolutely breathtaking 18k ladies engagement ring from Beverley K.  The center princess diamond is surrounded by a delicate pave halo with small bezel set diamonds in each of the corners.  The split shank has pave' set diamonds and will allow for a wedding band to sit flush.  There are a total of 0.36 carats total weight of G/H color VS clarity diamonds in the setting. The ring features much hand engraving and milgrained edges.  Please call for center stone pricing. Also available in platinum.
Beverley K: 161PP1

18kt gold halo wedding set
A beautiful 18 karat white gold Durnell Open LOGO engagement ring with classic basket head.  An intriguing design with or without eternity bands on either side.  Shown here with the diamond bands - flush-fit and organic to the flow and integrity of design.
Bridget Durnell: 53AA1

Open Logo, 18k, center ring only
This platinum Scott Kay engagement ring features hand engraving and 0.61ctw in diamonds.  The matching wedding band has .25ctw diamonds and retails for $3360.00.
Scott Kay: 117U1

Platinum wedding set
Platinum solitaire engagement ring with surprise diamond of .06ct. Matching platinum Scott Kay wedding band .75ctw can be purchased together or separately. This mounting works well for a 1.50ct and up. Diamond not included.  Available in all metals including platinum, white gold, and yellow gold.  2.5mm width.
Request Price
Scott Kay: 148U1

Scott Kay solitaire engagement ring
Mix and match with Polarium Stickable bands from Steven Kretchmer, united by an enchanting attraction. With a simple flip, this magnetic attraction is reversed causing these bands to literally float apart. Stickables can be ordered in sets of two or more. Price shown is for 3 bands. Rings are 2.5mm each in a size 9.
Steven Kretchmer: 40O1

Mix and match with Polarium Stickable bands from Stev...
Brilliant beauty: Platinum and diamond engagement ring set with .75ctw in side diamonds. Center stone not included. Matching wedding band completes the look and is sold separately.  Designed by Scott Kay.
Scott Kay: 33U1

Scott Kay Platinum
This is a Beverley K wedding band designed to match 61PP1.  It is contoured to fit the profile of the engagement ring and features .08ct diamonds in 18kt white gold.
Beverley K: 63PP1

18kt white gold contoured diamond wedding band
Delicate beauty: Ladies platinum engagement ring by Scott Kay, set off with 56.ctw of contrasting round and baguette side stones. Center stone not included. Matching wedding band mirrors the look and contains .74ct of diamonds.  All diamonds are VS F-G ideal cuts
Scott Kay: 07U1

engagement ring wedding set
A beautiful Whitney Boin engagement ring and wedding band wedding set. Both are in great condition.
These are platinum and the solitaire is for a 1 carat round stone.
The center stone is a cubic zirconia.
Finger size is a 7 and the width of the rings are approximately 2.85mm.
A great price for these two rings!
Closeout Jewelry: 175EJ1

Whitney Boin platinum wedding setReduced
Ladies Scott Kay platinum engagement ring with 1.0ctw of princess cut sides diamonds. This ring works best with a 2.0ct or larger center diamond. Center diamond not included.
Scott Kay: 03U1

Scott Kay Platinum
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