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Scott Kay Men's hammered ring bracelet. Features interwoven black leather strands and hammered sterling silver ringlets, is bold and rugged with a touch of dashing style. A signature Scott Kay sparta vine engraved clasp completes this black braided leather and silver mens bracelet.

The bracelet is 8.5 inches long which is ideal for most guys, and has a width of 3/8 inch. Designed in the USA. Other lengths available by special order.
Scott Kay for Men: 48U4

Samruai leather bracelet
Dorfman's handsome .925 equestrian link bracelet for men is a great classic. The bracelet is 8 1/2'' in length and 1/4'' in width.  All entirely handmade in Italy  The best of the best.  1.35 oz weight.
Dorfman Sterling: 26SS4

Dorfman silver equestrian link bracelet
Scott Kay Mens sterling silver Braided Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet has a width: 6.5mm.
Scott Kay for Men: 42U4

sterling silver mens cuff bracelet
A mens 8mm sterling silver Beaded Bracelet with Color Accent and Black Spinel Rondels. The gemstone is Red Tigers Eye, but comes in onyx. This bracelet is from the Beads Collection of Scott K.
Scott Kay for Men: 39U4

Mens beaded bracelet
A rugged mens sterling silver Cactus Leather Triple Strand Bracelet. This item is from the Fine Leathers Collection of Scott K.
Scott Kay for Men: 38U4

Mens woven leather bracelet
Mens 8mm Sterling Silver/Matte Onyx Beaded Bracelet with 8/10mm Color and Fluted Rondels. The length of the bracelet is 8.5''
Scott Kay for Men: 46U4

Men beaded bracelet
Mens medium size Sterling Silver Engraved Straight Anchor with 18K Accent on Clasp. The length of the bracelet is 8.5'' long.
Scott Kay for Men: 45U4

Mens medium size Sterling Silver Engraved Straight An...
A rough looking mens 9mm Double Row Woven Cactus Leather Bracelet with SS Engraved Clasp. From the Fine Leathers Collection of Scott K.
Scott Kay for Men: 41U4

Mens rough double woven leather bracelet
Scott Kay Mens 9mm Woven Cactus Leather Bracelet with sterling silver Rivited Clasp.
Scott Kay for Men: 44U4

Scott Kay Mens 9mm Woven Cactus Leather Bracelet with...
A bulky mens sterling silver Leather Tapered Organic Knot Bracelet
Scott Kay for Men: 40U4

Mens Leather Knot Bracelet

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