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A very fine and rare 1920's Art Deco ladies wrist watch. This is a Platinum, diamond and emerald piece as beautiful as we have ever seen. The watch is in perfect condition with no signs of wear. The emeralds are of the finest natural Colombian and perfectly matched. The larger emeralds are estimated to measure 4.5mm x 4.0mm and weigh total .50-.60ct. (We could not remove them for actual measurements or weight so this is as close as I can come). But, I've been doing this for 44 years and am a in residence graduate gemologist GIA class of June 1974 (damn I'm getting old?) The case measures 40.8mm x 13.5mm. The watch lugs (this is where the bracelet connect to the case) are flexible and hug the wrist properly. The watch case is set with 68 round single cut .015ct diamonds weight total .71ct and 16 claibre cut 1.0mm matching bright natural emeralds. The bracelet is set with 96 round single cut diamonds weighing total 1.44ct. All diamonds are VS+ E-F color. The watch weighs 25.75 grams. The total watch length is 6 1/2 inches.

The watch case and bracelet were manufactured by the the American Watch Co (case #216082) and movement by the Swiss Merimont Watch Co. movement is a 17Jewel #3387531' The case back is hinged and crown has a emerald set in the center. The watch runs but it's a bit fast. But, so were the roaring 20's
Estate Jewelry: 09EJ7

Ladies Art Deco emerald and diamond watchReduced
A very fine 18kt gold open face key wind  pocket watch of English manufacture. The watch measures 49mm and is circa 1830's The dial is also 18kt gold and totally hand engraved.  Mint condition.  Total Gram weight is 74.80.
Estate Jewelry: 87EB7

18k gold hunter pocket watch

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