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Kieselstein-Cord huggie style small nesting gator earrings.  These are 1/2 inch in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 05E2

Kieselstein-Cord small gator earringsReduced
Honora 18kt yellow gold diamond hoop earrings set with 1.16ctw in diamonds.
Closeout Jewelry: 10Z2

yellow gold diamond hoop earringsReduced
These beautiful garnet dangle earrings have a satin finish and contain cabochon garnets.  The earrings measure 11mm in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 15BA2

Sterling silver garnet dangle earringsReduced
A beautiful set of Cathy Carmendy 20kt yellow gold earrings with aquamarine center and diamonds.  Set with .08cts of diamonds and .10cts of aquamarine.
Closeout Jewelry: 20C2

Cathy Carmendy 20kt y.g. Aqua & diamond earringsReduced
A nice deco designed mother of pearl and 14kr pierced clip earrings.  The pieces measure 18mm x 12mm.
Closeout Jewelry: 031CO2

A nice deco designed mother of pearl and 14kr pierced...
Dorfman Sterling beautiful open heart shaped sterling silver earrings by Dorfman. The earrings measure 16mm x 16mm with a thickness of 3mm. Pair these up with a matching necklace or bracelet and let the love flow.
Closeout Jewelry: 05SS2

Sterling silver Dorfman heart earrings
A pretty pair of sterling silver hoop earrings with white pearls, designed by Honora.
Closeout Jewelry: 24Z2

A pretty pair of sterling silver hoop earrings with w...
A beautiful pair of 18kt yellow gold Ala earrings set with 1.40ctw of rubies and .50ctw of diamonds.  The width measures 9mm.
Closeout Jewelry: 076CO2

A beautiful pair of 18kt yellow gold Ala earrings set...Reduced
A pair of black onyx and rhodolite sterling silver earrings from Bellarri. The black onyx have a size of 12.60tcw. and the rhodolite have a total carat weight of 4.90. Dimensions: 18mm x 19mm
Closeout Jewelry: 26BI2

Bellarri black onyx and rhodolite earrings
Sterling silver and 18K gold Amethyst earrings from Bellarri. The amethyst has a total carat weight of 11.55(This includes both earrings) Both earrings have the signature "B" with two small diamonds that have a total carat weight of 0.03. The earrings measure: 23mm x 19mm.
Closeout Jewelry: 03BI2

sterling silver and 18K gold earrings
From German designer Bastian Inverun; these sterling silver earrings feature a phodiniert center gemstone. The gemstone has a vibrant green color. These earrings measure 8.3mm in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 69BA2

Bastian Inverun green phodiniert earringsReduced
A beautiful set of 18kt gold gem ruby and diamond earrings.  The set contains 24 full cut ideal cut VS F diamonds weighing total 3/4 ct total.  These surround one each 1/2ct fine clean red Thailand ruby.  No Treatment. Closeout price is a steal!
Closeout Jewelry: 073CO2

A beautiful set of 18kt gold gem ruby and diamond ear...Reduced
A pair of 18 kt. yellow gold and diamond pierced carnation earrings by Susan Gabriel.  The earrings are set with .20 ct tw of diamonds and measure 13 mm in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 010CO2

Susan Gabrien gold and diamond earrings
These beautiful sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold "Riverstone" earrings each contain one cabachon Peridot in the center. Another signature design by Robert Lee Morris. These are a clip measuring 19 x 20mm.
Closeout Jewelry: 151CO2

These beautiful sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold ...
18K gold blue topaz and diamond earrings from Bellarri. The blue topaz has a carat weight of 16.00 and a diamond weight of 0.12. The earrings measure: 27mm x 11mm.
Closeout Jewelry: 05BI2

Bellarri Blue topaz diamond earrings
Bastian Inverun sterling silver red topaz earrings. These stud earrings measure 7.75mm around the bezel. Such a pretty pair of earrings. You do not see too much red topaz being worn, now a days.
Closeout Jewelry: 70BA2

Bastian Inverun silver red topaz earringsReduced
Great contrast in these textured sterling post-back earrings from Bastian Inverun. .07ct in diamonds add a dash of sparkle. 12.4mm in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 13BA2

sterling diamond earring
Beautiful set of 18kt gold french glass enameled over gold ear charms for hoops.  Medium teal color these measure 1 inch x 1/2 inch. Made in Italy.  Last pair
Closeout Jewelry: 026EJ2

18kt gold French Enameled ear charms
One pair of Robert Lee Morris sterling silver earrings, 2 inches in diameter.
Closeout Jewelry: 159CO2

One pair of Robert Lee Morris sterling silver earring...

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