Beverley K

Beverley K Jewelry: Uniquely personal magic, antique-inspired jewelry to be passed through the generations.

Beverley K Jewelry

Beverley K is handcrafted fine jewelry. The collection debuts with a petite line of handcrafted bridal engagement rings. Each ring is an example of fine craftsmanship and dedication for the preservation of beauty. The collection features art deco designs and milgrain work; this style is unique is not seen much today.

The fine artwork of hand filigree is taken to astounding new lengths. Each ring of gold and platinum is shaped into elegant floral like curls to form a fancy bridal bed. Finished with deep hand-engraving reminiscent of royal insignias, this bridal collection indeed appeals to the princess in every bride.

Beverley k engagement rings are available in 14k gold, 18K gold, and platinum. Morrie Knopp, is the founder of the company who named the collection after his long-time partner and wife Beverley Knopp. The collection features a wide range of styles that will accommodate everyone style. Whether it's dancing with dazzling vibrant colors, or a classic wedding band.