SeidenGang Jewelry: Antiquity-inspired jewelry: designed for the senses, luxury for the soul.

SeidenGang Jewelry

Every piece of SeidenGang Jewelry is designed to make an individual statement while complimenting the full collection. For over two decades, Carol Seiden and Carolyn Gang have been creating jewelry for women with a passion for life, enthusiasm for style, and desire for elegant rings, earrings, and other fine jewelry.

SeidenGang Jewelry pioneered the now-popular concept of antiquity-inspired jewelry. Twelve years ago, Carol and Carolyn found themselves in possession of a rare collection of ancient inspired plaster bas reliefs. So inspired were they by the pieces' intricate detail, that they began to transform the images into modern 18 karat jewelry.

The Classic Collection combines ancient motifs with modern design innovations to create contemporary classics. This Collection is the balance that is struck between the larger, bolder styles and the more delicate pieces. SeidenGang creates pieces such as these from a special 18k green gold alloy which resembles the warm color of the high karat gold used of antiquity.

Inspired by the Classic Collection, The Odyssey Collection has its own flavor, reminiscent of weathered ancient frescoes. Many pieces in the Odyssey Collection feature a large fissure in the metal with a flash of diamonds spilling forth, evoking the thrill of discovering hidden treasure.

With sophisticated elegance and an emphasis on brilliant diamonds, the Diamond Jubilee Collection adds to the timeless style and fashion flare of all the SeidenGang Jewelry. Made up of different shaped diamonds set in 18k gold and skillfully crafted with unique textures, the pieces in Diamond Jubilee will surely compliment your individual style.