Michael B. Touch

The new Michael B. Touch Collection.

Michael B. Touch Jewelry
The new Michael B. Touch Collection represents years in the making of fine luxury jewelry. The hand crafted collection is just the start to bringing Michaels wonderful designs and superior craftsmanship to a broader expanse of his capabilities. This collection is made in 18kt white gold using the finest VVS E_F quality ideal cut diamonds only the diamond weights have changed. The white gold stays white. Compared to most micro pave designs on the market we and most understand the superior quality Michael has displayed in the design of this all time classic of designs. All pieces are hand made in America utilizing old world craftsmanship. The same attention to detail as Michaels Princess and Lace collections you will find the Touch collection to be a pure pleasure to own and wear for the rest of your life. We are proud to be the first to introduce this collection to the public and again honored to represent one of America's truly brilliant designers. And, the prices aren't bad either :-) Bill