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Solitaire Settings

Despite the many designs, settings, and styles, solitaire engagement rings remain the most timeless and popular choice. While they may seem simple, a diamond solitaire can still be a unique ring designed to suite any taste.

Pavé Settings

A pavé setting uses minute prongs to hold each stone, thus minimizing the appearance of the metal while maximizing the illusion of free-standing diamonds. Pavé settings hold each stone individually with no rim of metal, which allows more light into each individual stone.

Halo Settings

Halo settings are some of the most popular styles for an engagement. These rings are done in beautiful designs that use a ring of diamonds to surround the center stone.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands come in a variety of styles. Eternity or Infinity ring, is one of the most popular. An eternity ring is a band featuring diamonds or other gemstones placed side by side in a continuous loop. The stone placement is symbolic of eternal love.

3 Stone Settings

The 3 stones represent a couple's present, past and future. A beautifully symbolic ring.

Wedding Sets

Pick and choose a matching wedding band to accompany your engagement ring that was truly designed to compliment your diamond ring.

Men's Wedding Rings

A women is just as interested in her fiancés wedding band as much as her own. We offer a wide range in luxury and affordable rings for men.


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