What You Should Know When Buying a Loose Diamond

Database Diamonds

The vast majority of the diamonds that you see in online inventories (Pearlman's Included) are not owned by the store that is advertising them. Diamond search databases are generally made up of diamonds from hundreds and hundreds of independent wholesalers who make their product available to retail jewelers in the hopes that the exposure will help to sell their goods. In this way retail jewelers partner with diamond wholesalers to provide customers with a huge variety of diamonds at every imaginable quality level. We don't pretend, or lead our customers to believe that we carry an inventory of thousands of diamonds as some other companies do. We use our vendors and suppliers inventories to keep our costs down, and if you compare our prices to our competition, you will see that we pass that cost reduction right along to our customers.

Experience Counts

Bill and John Pearlman are both graduates of the Gemological Institute of America. Their degrees were earned in residency, meaning that they both completed their courses on the GIA's campus location, rather than through a correspondence class. A graduate gemologist degree from the GIA's residency program represents the pinnacle of education as a gemologist and is considered the highest degree available in the field of gemology. In addition, Bill and John combine for more than 80 years of hands on, real world experience in the jewelry trade. Every diamond that is purchased through Pearlman's Jewelers receives a thorough inspection from one or both of these highly accredited and experienced gemologists. You can feel confident when buying a diamond sight unseen that the very best in the business are personally watching over your selection to make sure that you are fully informed, educated and protected throughout your purchase.

Certificates Matter

At Pearlman's we know, and stress to our customers, the importance of buying a diamond certified through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). These two labs are roundly considered the most accurate, strict and reputable of all of the independent grading laboratories. Buying a diamond certified through GIA or AGS grants peace of mind. You can count on accurate color, clarity and cut grading along with precise measurements and weights.

Understanding Beauty

At Pearlman's we are old school. Our gemologist's were trained in residency to use their eyes first and foremost. Of course, gemological equipment plays a big role when examining diamonds under magnification, but for the final determination of beauty in a diamond, nothing can compare to the human eye. We understand in today's technology oriented world that computers and other machines have come to play a big role in measuring dimensions and angles. We respect the concepts behind these technologies, but reject the conclusion that a machine can tell us whether something is beautiful or not. When examining a piece of art, it is the eye that will appreciate or reject the beauty of the piece. Diamonds are no different. Computers can be beneficial in determining certain technical aspects but the final analysis must still come from the human eye.

At Pearlman's we do not follow trends. In today's world the consumer will see many different styles of “Branded Cut” diamonds. Pearlman's has been in the design business for 82 years. One thing that we should impress upon you is that today's popular cutting styles may not be popular in ten years. It may become difficult to trade up because of demand. We have seen this time and again as diamond companies and dealers try to differentiate themselves. In our opinion, to be different just to be different, does not make sense in the long run. Especially for a piece of jewelry that is meant to be worn day in and day out for the rest of someone's life.

We cannot stress enough the importance of classic design. Certain shapes are much easier to clean, work with, and maintain beauty better than many of the so called “designer” cuts. After 82 years in this business and 17 years on the internet, we have seen trends come and go, but true beauty is timeless. An AGS graded Ideal cut, or a GIA graded Excellent cut diamond, inspected and approved by a graduate gemologist will provide all of the brilliance and fire of any “branded” cut.

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