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A stunning combination of color and design. This bracelet has an art nouveau inspired design. It was 6 diamonds and 2 emeralds. The piece is made from 18k gold and sterling silver.
Nouveau Collection: 08Q4

Emerald and diamond bracelet
Scott Kay Men's hammered ring bracelet. Features interwoven black leather strands and hammered sterling silver ringlets, is bold and rugged with a touch of dashing style. A signature Scott Kay sparta vine engraved clasp completes this black braided leather and silver mens bracelet.

The bracelet is 8.5 inches long which is ideal for most guys, and has a width of 3/8 inch. Designed in the USA. Other lengths available by special order.
Scott Kay for Men: 48U4

Samruai leather bracelet
The Sea Of Life sterling silver bracelet. The bracelet features a mother of pearl as the backdrop to the hand made aquatic gemstones.
Dimensions: 35mm
Bellarri: 04BI4

Sea Of Life pearl bangle bracelet
A work of art that is made from hand. The bracelet is from the Nouveau Collection and is made from 18k gold and silver with blue enamel going across the piece. There are 41 diamonds place, intricately around with a total carat weight of 0.51tcw. The bracelet weighs 1.87 grams.
Nouveau Collection: 04Q4

blue enamel diamond bracelet
A light amethyst sterling silver and 18K gold bracelet from Bellarri. The size of the amethyst is 12.55tcw. The size of the bracelet is 20mm.
Bellarri: 01BI4

amethyst sterling silver bracelet
A true work of art, this multi gemstone bracelet from Bellarri is from the Madam B collection. This bracelet is made of sterling silver and has 18k gold around the center blue topaz. The center blue topaz has a total carat weight of 13.35; it is surrounded by a halo of diamonds that weigh 0.22 and are on top of 18K gold. The height of the bracelet is 33mm. A wonderful piece of Bellarri jewelry.
Bellarri: 19BI4

Multi-color gemstone blue topaz
Sterling silver Kieselstein-Cord baby heart charm bracelet.
Closeout Jewelry: 14E4

baby heart charm bracelet
Very elegant ladies Scott Kay Sterling sterling silver and onyx bracelet, with .126ctw diamond pave clasp.
Scott Kay Sterling: 25U4

Scott Kay Onyx bracelet with diamonds
This is the "Answered Prayer  Bracelet.  It is sterling silver and includes 7 charms, a cross, grapes, a tablet representing the 10 comandments, a love your neighbor heart, a cross on a door, a clock and a journal.
Religious Jewelry: 01LL4

This is the "Answered Prayer Bracelet. It is s...
This is a Scott Kay Fashion sterling silver charm bracelet with Citrine Gemstones.
Scott Kay Sterling: 31U4

Scott Kay Silver Charm bracelet with charms
Make it personal with this engravable .925 sterling silver ID bracelet by Dorfman, with a polished, sleek design and beaded ends.  Fits 7-7.5 inch wrists and is 4mm wide.
Dorfman Sterling: 01SS4

Dorfman silver ID bracelet
Dorfman's .925 sterling silver large ''H'' link bracelet, with this substantial design makes a bold statement. The bracelet measures 8.25 inches in length.
Dorfman Sterling: 15SS4

Dorfman silver "H" link bracelet
This cuff sterling silver bracelet is made from white silver & gold and has a width of 28mm, only comes in one color. This is from the Hourglass Collection of Gurhan.
Gurhan: 69GG4

Gurhan Sterling Silver Bracelet
Scott Kay Sterling ladies sterling silver diamond thin cuff basket weave bracelet .15ctw.
Scott Kay Sterling: 23U4

Scott Kay Sterling ladies sterling silver diamond thi...
Skittle bracelet in sterling silver with 24k accents set with turquoise.
Gurhan: 68GG4

24k gold & sterling silver bracelet
A graceful, gold colored, sterling silver silk Peter Storm bracelet. The silk material forms to your wrist. Comes in a variety of colors ranging from: Yellow, White, Rose, and Black. This bracelet measures 19cm(7.5'') in length by 5cm in width.
Peter Storm: 02OO4

Gold and silver silk bracelet
Dorfman's Italian designed .925 sterling silver signature beehive bangle is a stand out.The piece is 8mm wide and floats on the wrist.
Dorfman Sterling: 06SS4

Dorfman's Italian beehive bracelet
A pretty black sterling silver and Silk Peter Storm bracelet. This bracelet is woven with sterling silver that has a black and purple silk. Looks great on any skin tone. Comes in white, rose, and black colors.
Peter Storm: 12OO4

silver and purple silk bracelet
A pretty Gurhan Thin tri-color, from the Willow Collection; leaf flake bracelet in sterling silver. The measurements are 18 cm in length with new flat clasp. 7'' long.
Gurhan: 75GG4

Tri color bracelets
The .925 sterling silver large square open link bracelet from Dorfman makes a bold statement. This bracelet measures 8 inches in length.
Dorfman Sterling: 12SS4

Dorfman silver large square link bracelet
Kieselstein-Cord sterling silver Alana link bracelet with toggle.
Closeout Jewelry: 37E4

sterling silver Alana link bracelet
Dorfman's .925 sterling silver rolo link small bracelet is handmade in Italy, offers a classic design with a chic look. This bracelet pairs perfectly with Dorfman's necklace, item 02SS3. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches in length.
Dorfman Sterling: 11SS4

Dorfman silver rolo link bracelet
A pretty bangle bracelet with a sophisticated flare. This bracelet is from German designer Bastian Inverun. The bracelet is made of sterling silver and features a scratch finish. The width of the bracelet is 24.7mm. The bangle is flexible and can fit many wrist.
Closeout Jewelry: 01BA4

Bastian Inverun sterling silver bangle braceletReduced
The Extra bangle, originally designed by Lina Christensen in 2000, is one of Georg Jensens icons. It is the epitome of the minimalistic, strong and sculptural design that characterizes Georg Jensen and has been used as inspiration for other designers. In spring 2010 the Extra collection is extended with new bangles in sterling silver and ebony wood. These new Extra bangles are perfect for stylish stacking. The Extra wood bangle comes in S, M, L and has a width of 7mm. (S=2 3/8in, M=2 5/8in, L=2 3/4in) - Please specify size needed in comments field during checkout.
Georg Jensen: 38G4

The Extra bangle, originally designed by Lina Christe...
Scott Kay's Guardian collection features this amazing rugged bracelet. Crafted in sterling silver, each link in this bracelet has elaborate engravings, which run along the entire bracelet. The bracelet measures 8.5'' and made in America.
Scott Kay for Men: 47U4

rugged link bracelet
Ladies sterling silver thin cuff basket weave Scott Kay Sterling bracelet.
Scott Kay Sterling: 09U4

Ladies sterling silver thin cuff basket weave Scott K...
Ladies sterling silver thin cuff basket weave bracelet from Scott Kay Sterling.
Scott Kay Sterling: 07U4

thin cuff weave bracelet
Scott Kay Mens sterling silver Braided Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet has a width: 6.5mm.
Scott Kay for Men: 42U4

sterling silver mens cuff bracelet
This is a gorgeous Scott Kay Sterling sterling silver engraved dual chain bracelet with pearls.
Scott Kay Sterling: 35U4

This is a gorgeous Scott Kay Sterling sterling silver...
This is a stunning sterling silver cuff bracelet with beautiful Onyx stones, from Scott Kay Sterling.
Scott Kay Sterling: 30U4

black onyx sterling silver bracelet
The .925 sterling silver equestrian medium link bracelet by Dorfman has noticeable appeal. This medium version of the equestrian bracelet measures 7.5 inches in length.
Dorfman Sterling: 25SS4

Dorfman silver equestrian medium link bracelet
Ladies sterling silver/18k plain bolo with heart rolo chain bracelet by Scott Kay Sterling.
Scott Kay Sterling: 16U4

sterling silver 18k heart rolo chain bracelet
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