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A stunning combination of color and design. This bracelet has an art nouveau inspired design. It was 6 diamonds and 2 emeralds. The piece is made from 18k gold and sterling silver.
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Nouveau Collection: 08Q4

Emerald and diamond bracelet
Classic 1960's set of pearl choker and cuff bracelet in 18kt gold by Mastaloni, NYC 14'' checker with 4 strands of pearls on a gold wire.  Bracelet will fit most 6 to 7 1/2 in wrists. Nice set!
Estate Jewelry: 033EJ4

Pearl necklace and bracelet set in 18kt gold
7 inch triple strand pearl bracelet with three platinum diamond and pearl snowflakes, designed by Chris Correia.
Chris Correia: 01D4

7 inch triple strand pearl bracelet with three platin...
A work of art that is made from hand. The bracelet is from the Nouveau Collection and is made from 18k gold and silver with blue enamel going across the piece. There are 41 diamonds place, intricately around with a total carat weight of 0.51tcw. The bracelet weighs 1.87 grams.
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Nouveau Collection: 04Q4

blue enamel diamond bracelet
A timeless 14kt white gold Sapphire straight line (tennis) bracelet. This piece is set with 52 gem Swiss diamond cut natural Ceylon Sapphires weighing 5.26ct total. Each is perfectly matched and set in a heavy handmade 3.3mm width x 4.25mm depth line bracelet. Very difficult to match a bracelet like this today and one of a kind.
Closeout Jewelry: 64EE4

14kt white gold sapphire braceletReduced
One of Spark's best sellers. this 18 karat white gold bracelet is set  with 1.84 carats total weight of diamonds and 4.65 carats total weight of round yellow sapphires.
Spark: 05MM4

18 karat gold bracelet by Spark
A very elegant sapphire and diamond bracelet from Spark in 18k gold. The bracelet is set with 3.00 carats total weight in diamonds and 10.50 carats in sapphires.
Spark: 03MM4

18k sapphire and diamond bracelet
This is a gorgeous open heart charm bracelet by Dorfman that measures 7 1/2 inches in length. This piece pairs well with either of Dorfman's floating heart necklaces, items #18SS3 or #17SS3 or their earrings item #05SS2.
Closeout Jewelry: 30SS4

Dorfman silver open heart charm braceletReduced
A clean, intertwine, sterling silver and silk Peter Storm bracelet. This bracelet is from the Rotolo collection. Features a barrel claps. Measures 20cm(8''); can fit most wrist. Comes in various colors including: Yellow, Rose, Brown, and Grey. Matching necklace is SKU 11OO3
Peter Storm: 06OO4

intertwine silver silk bracelet
Spark's 18 karat white gold sapphire and diamond bracelet. The bracelet is set 0.90 carats total weight of diamonds and 3.52 carats total weight in sapphires.
Spark: 02MM4

18k white gold sapphire and diamond bracelet
A pretty gold over sterling silver and Silk Peter Storm bracelet. This bracelet is woven with sterling silver that has a yellow gold vermeil and purple silk. Looks great on any skin tone. Comes in white, rose, and black colors. Call for more colors.
Peter Storm: 11OO4

yellow gold silver silk bracelet
A set of three Sterling silver and silk Peter Storm bracelet. You can beautifully tie these bracelets around your wrist to create a great look for your outfit. You can even be so bold as to wear one to a formal event. <b>The Price is for one of these bracelets</b>.
Peter Storm: 13OO3

silver and silk bracelet

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