Michael Beaudry

Michael Beaudry Couture, Signature and Beautique Jewelry: Sumptuous Platinum and Gold Designs

Michael Beaudry Jewelry

Michael Beaudry is a master designer by trade, a prolific designer and visionary by nature. His extensive collection of handcrafted rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets reflect an appreciation for true beauty and a commitment to quality workmanship that is all too rare in today's mass-market mentality. For Michael, it is vital to incorporate authentic hand engraving in all of his pieces that feature his name.

Beaudry's most profound training has been hands-on experience and consistent focus, and upscale jewelry which have earned him world-class status. Platinum and the finest quality diamonds are his materials of choice, but Michael Beaudry jewelry always leaves room for the extraordinary in terms of the colored stones, metal combinations, and fine detailing that are all hallmarks of his work. Michael also works with highly skilled craftsman, who share over one hundred years of combined experience.

Michael considers his passion for designer jewelry as the ultimate expression of love and art. This is what makes him one of the most famous jewelry designers producing today. Beaudry�s exclusive collections represent the absolute finest in unique handcrafted jewelry. The gift of a Beaudry creation is like a gift of a historical artifact that will be handed down through the ages. Beaudry jewelry is truly spectacular.

Michael Beaudry offers three luxury jewelry lines each with its own level of exalted beauty. Beaudry Couture uses rare and often irreplaceable diamonds and gemstones and are miraculous works of art. Beaudry's Signature collection takes the exotic designs of the Couture collection and brings them into everyday wearable art. The Beautique collection is introduced to the young professional and the future Couture collector. The Beautique contains beautiful diamonds, hand engraving and the most delicate details at a reasonable price point.