Michael B.

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind platinum and diamond Michael B. jewelry.

Michael B. Jewelry

Michael B. engagement rings and jewelry, awarded the Best in Platinum Design 2008, is one of the elite when it comes to California's premiere platinum and diamond jewelry designers. Michael B. jewelry is renowned for its glamorous and one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry, wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets created in intricate lace and pave diamond settings. It's hard to think of a more beautiful way to express your love than with a Michael B. engagement ring.

Michael Bogosian decided at a young age to become a gold and platinum smith and has steadfastly stuck to his goal. Michael B., who began working on a jeweler's bench at age twelve, has become a true visionary in the creation of chic, wearable platinum jewelry. "Platinum fits my vision for the next generation," says Michael B., "and I have never looked back since I first started working with it." Michael B. Jewelry creates luxurious designs, featuring platinum and diamonds, which combine graceful femininity with cutting edge style. Above all else, Michael B. loves the art and craft of designer jewelry -- this feeling is lovingly evident in each of his creations.

Pearlman's Jewelers features an extensive collection of Michael B. platinum engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Please call or email us and we will help you select the most beautiful piece of Michael B. jewelry for any occasion you desire.

Some of the most exquisite pieces you will find in the collection is either a Michael B infinity ring or a beautiful diamond that sparkles when even the lowest light hits the surface.