Christian Bauer

Christian Bauer bridal jewelry symbolizes the promise of true love with intricate details and timeless design.

Christian Bauer Jewelry

The Christian Bauer jewelry company began well over a century ago. Christian Bauer jewelry was a family business, started by the Bauer brothers and following in the footsteps of their father's goldsmith trade.

In 1988, Christian Bauer luxury Jewelry began distributing in the United States.

People with classic tastes and a love of clean lines love Christian Bauer jewelry. Men's and women's wedding bands by Christian Bauer are created in a variety of metals -- most often platinum and 18 karat gold. Many Christian Bauer wedding and engagement bands feature intricate engraving, diamonds, and colored stones.

If you love classic designer jewelry with a tradition of lasting excellence, please browse our Christian Bauer collection.

Poetry...Life has waited for this moment, The world pauses for a brief heartbeat, And then begins to turn anew, Revolving around love, The language of the heart, Words, as precious as gold, and platinum, Unique as a diamond.