Peter Storm

"I design sensual jewelry for women to wear and treasure, pieces to be worn every day of their lives." -- Peter Storm

Peter Storm Jewelry

Peter Storm, Chief Executive Officer of Peter Storm Jewelry, is a seasoned professional in the jewelry industry with over 25 years in the business. Mr. Storm's history in the industry runs the gamut from sales to design, learner to teacher; positioning him with the expertise necessary to not only create his own line of upscale jewelry, but to sell and market it as well.

Based upon his extensive understanding of beautiful design and the important relationship between jewelry and the women who wear it, Mr. Storm has developed a dedicated following.

Peter Storm prides himself on the thorough in-depth market research that precedes his every design. By speaking, and more importantly, listening to the customers who come to see him at his in-store personal appearances, Mr. Storm is able to create the kind of jewelry that women want to wear. This is what makes him one of the most famous jewelry designers alive today. When describing his design philosophy, Peter Storm states, "The old philosophy that jewelry is only for special occasions is antiquated and pass�. Jewelry should be worn every day portraying sensuality and elegance." Hence Peter Storm's design philosophy of sensual elegance.