Bridget Durnell

Los Angeles designer, Bridget Durnell is being recognized by leading fashion editors for her classic creations in fine bridal and fashion jewelry. Durnell's style reflects the key elements of truly inspired, fine quality pieces -integrity of design, finesse in craftsmanship, and relentless attention to detail.

Bridget Durnell Jewelry

Having worked for over a decade designing for top names in couture jewelry, Bridget Durnell has settled into her own innovations and company philosophy that quality, value, and style are the marks of a timeless tradition. Her fresh point of view, as a designer, and pragmatic approach as a manufacturer, excites the consumer on an individual level.

Design needs to make sense there must be efficiency to what we do, in order to optimize the investment of each precious component - metal, gemstones, and labor. Drawing her inspiration from the romantic periods in history, as well as observations from nature, lifestyle, and bold architecture, she presents diverse, yet cohesive collections which have earned her status as one of the top luxury designers to follow.

Look for Durnell, represented at the Golden Globes, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Oscars, and The Emmys on such celebrities as Nancy Walls (wife of Steve Carell), Maria Menunos, and Melissa Rivers. Leading fashion editors, such as those at Brides, US Weekly, VOGUE, National Jeweler, and Rapaport magazines have also taken notice of Durnell, as she continues to build her brand with bold and broad convictions as an artist.

Durnell also enjoys a niche in custom work and redesign projects. "To take a piece that is never worn or outdated and turn it into a client's favorite piece is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. It is satisfying to see all of the elements and efforts come together just right, but it requires vision, precision, and a like minded production team."