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These ancient Chinese spears were part of a collection of 38, owned by U.S. Consul General, Angus Ward in Mukden, Manchuria from 1947 to 1950. This collection was purchased by Consul General Angus Ward, who was later U.S. Ambassador to China. When the Communists gained control of China, he was held prisoner for over one year. This price is for the entire collection.
Estate Jewelry: 02EJ7

Angus Ward Chinese Spears
This is a signed Tiffany Studios New York #319 with 3 lights ''Lily'' lamp in mint condition. Two of the shades are signed LCT ( Louis Comfort Tiffany) these shade are without imperfections. The third we believe is a replacement shade and unsigned or we would call the piece near perfect (95%) plus.

The piece stands 13 inches in height with a 4 inch base. The patina is bronzed. The cord is in excellent condition but could not tell you if this is the original. What we do know is this has not been reconditioned for we know the family from whom owned it. Reference Alastair Duncan, Woodbridge: Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club 1988 Pg 59
Estate Jewelry: 09PM7

Antique Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp
Handsome pair of men's diamond and platinum cufflinks from Michael B.  These Scepter cuff links have a portrait border with diamond corners and are set with .42ctw of full cut diamonds.
Michael B.: 01P7

men's diamond and platinum cuff links
A beautiful, vintage sterling silver cigarette case. This piece has a machined engraving on the outside and a highly pollished inside.  This cigarette case measures 4 5/16 inches wide, 3 1/4 inches long, and a slim 3/8 inches. 4.96 oz weight. 1940's
Estate Jewelry: 08EB7

A beautiful, vintage sterling silver cigarette case. ...
A unique guilt gold belt buckle from the late 19th century.  This intricately detailed piece has two jade cabochons and one large rose quartz stone in the center. The rose quartz measures approximately 42.95mm x 32.9mm. The jadeite cabochons have average measurements of 17.8mm x 9.7mm. The vintage piece is 3.25 inches in length an 1.625 inches in width. This item is in pristine condition.
Estate Jewelry: 02EB7

A unique guilt gold belt buckle from the late 19th ce...
Beautiful 18kt yellow gold black onyx cuff links.  These are made in Italy.
Closeout Jewelry: 018CO7

Beautiful 18kt yellow gold black onyx cuff links. Th...
A very beautiful Sterling Silver covered finger bowl. The signed piece is by Wedgwood for International Sterling #V48A This beautiful center piece measures 3 1/2+ inches at the bowl edge height, 5'' including the top and 3 1/4 at the base over all 8 inches width. There are a few small dings inside the bowl but overall very fine condition. 1920's.
Estate Jewelry: 02PM7

Dorfman's .925 sterling silver golf cuff link, for the golf enthusiast. These cuff links measure 1.12 inches in length.
Closeout Jewelry: 15SS7

Dorfman sterling silver golf cuff links
Beautiful pair of 18kt yellow gold green quartz cuff links.  These cuff links are 1/2 inch in diameter. Made in Italy
Closeout Jewelry: 019CO7

Beautiful pair of 18kt yellow gold green quartz cuff ...
From Michael B, and exqusite set of Ballerina tuxedo studs. The  studs include 3 bezel set diamonds that are .42ctw and have .76ctw of pave set diamonds.
Michael B.: 02P7

Ballerina tuxedo cufflinks
Beautiful pair of 18kt yellow gold Lapis cuff links. Made in Italy.
Closeout Jewelry: 016CO7

18kt yellow gold Lapis cuff linksReduced

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