Pearlman's list of Luxury Designers

Alex SoldierAlex Soldier

Alex Soldier was born on a threshold of two continents, Europe and Asia, in the Ural Mountains region, city of Perm. This region is known for its abundant natural resources such as gold and adamants.

each piece he creates is a new life waiting to tell its story, like his conceptual miniature called “Nabokov’s Butterfly” that involves Jacqueline Kennedy and Andrei Voznesenski as the story’s backdrop.

When designing jewelry, Soldier strives to create miniature works of art. He gives life to his work—be it a jewelry design or an objet d’art—making it more a piece of art than an accessory.

Alex Soldier features bridal and couture jewelry lines.

See why Alex Solider is one of the high end jewelry brands of the century.

Bastian InverunBastian Inverun

Bastian Inverun has been making finely crafted jewelry in Germany since 1974. From the very outset, they have always followed the one and only philosophy: Designs that are in line with the latest trends but that are also made for eternity in some ways. Using only natural materials - shining sterling silver, brilliant gold, twinkling diamonds, shimmering pearls and fascinating precious stones - They create precious and substantial jewelery of the very highest quality. And at prices people can afford. The contemporary designs are sure to capture your interest.


Within each Bellarri jewelry design you will find a delicate art form in which the blending of colors and unique cuts of gemstones must intertwine in harmony. In viewing my collections it is important to recognize and appreciate the integrity of craftsmanship inherent in each creation.

Each distinctive design tells its own story and it is up to you to tell it!

Bellarri is the fine jewelry that has graced the red carpet worn by celebrities on numerous occasions.

Most of these pieces are from the Madam B collection. All are wonderful Bellarri jewelry.

In the designer's own words My designs are my passions, my collections are my treasures.

Benchmark for MenBenchmark for Men

For over 40 years Benchmark, a U.S. based manufacturer, has dedicated much attention and focus to both designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world. The fine craftsmanship of the designers at Benchmark is easily shown in the quality of their rings. Every corner of any brilliant piece that Benchmark has created has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.

Benchmark makes their rings in a wide variety of metals; ranging from gold, titanium, seranite, cobalt, tantalum, tungsten, damascus, and silver. A man's wedding bands do not have to be boring.

All rings are proudly made in America.

Beverley KBeverley K

Beverley K is handcrafted fine jewelry. The collection debuts with a petite line of handcrafted bridal engagement rings. Each ring is an example of fine craftsmanship and dedication for the preservation of beauty. The collection features art deco designs and milgrain work; this style is unique is not seen much today.

The fine artwork of hand filigree is taken to astounding new lengths. Each ring of gold and platinum is shaped into elegant floral like curls to form a fancy bridal bed. Finished with deep hand-engraving reminiscent of royal insignias, this bridal collection indeed appeals to the princess in every bride.

Beverley k engagement rings are available in 14k gold, 18K gold, and platinum. Morrie Knopp, is the founder of the company who named the collection after his long-time partner and wife Beverley Knopp. The collection features a wide range of styles that will accommodate everyone style. Whether it's dancing with dazzling vibrant colors, or a classic wedding band.

Bridget DurnellBridget Durnell

Having worked for over a decade designing for top names in couture jewelry, Bridget Durnell has settled into her own innovations and company philosophy that quality, value, and style are the marks of a timeless tradition. Her fresh point of view, as a designer, and pragmatic approach as a manufacturer, excites the consumer on an individual level.

Design needs to make sense there must be efficiency to what we do, in order to optimize the investment of each precious component - metal, gemstones, and labor. Drawing her inspiration from the romantic periods in history, as well as observations from nature, lifestyle, and bold architecture, she presents diverse, yet cohesive collections which have earned her status as one of the top luxury designers to follow.

Look for Durnell, represented at the Golden Globes, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Oscars, and The Emmys on such celebrities as Nancy Walls (wife of Steve Carell), Maria Menunos, and Melissa Rivers. Leading fashion editors, such as those at Brides, US Weekly, VOGUE, National Jeweler, and Rapaport magazines have also taken notice of Durnell, as she continues to build her brand with bold and broad convictions as an artist.

Durnell also enjoys a niche in custom work and redesign projects. "To take a piece that is never worn or outdated and turn it into a client's favorite piece is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. It is satisfying to see all of the elements and efforts come together just right, but it requires vision, precision, and a like minded production team."

Cathy CarmendyCathy Carmendy

Cathy Carmendy reinterprets the feminine romance of past eras with updated looks for today's woman. Cathy Carmendy is at the forefront of the resurgence of color in fine jewelry. The attention Cathy Carmendy lavishes on her vibrant-- yet elegant-- jewelry extends to the selection of her gemstones. Cathy Carmendy favors antique style rose-colored diamonds, briolette, and carved colored sapphires. The durability of the precious metals, combined with the fine craftsmanship in each piece, insures that they will last from generation to generation. A fine luxury 24 carat gold designer.

Prices from $600.00

Charles GreenCharles Green

Charles Green and Sons, is a British manufacturer of high-quality gold and platinum upscale jewelry for over 200 years. The company prides itself on staying true to its craft: creating unique handmade jewelry in a world of increased standardization and automation. Charles Green and Sons is best known for its exquisite handmade lockets. A Charles Green handcrafted locket is as sophisticated and elegant today as the first one made in the 1820's. All are 18K gold or platinum, hand engraved, hand enameled and are guaranteed for a lifetime of love and enjoyment. The Queen Mother herself was presented with one of the lockets from the Charles Green Collection for her 100th birthday.

Charles Green and Sons handcrafted luxury jewelry also includes a distinct range of designs, including modern and traditional signet rings, gem-set rings, chains, bracelets, crosses, cufflinks, lockets, as well as a world-renowned range of wedding rings. The same care and attention is given to all Charles Green jewelry, which range from stunningly simple to elegantly elaborate, and is crafted from yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Chelsea ClocksChelsea Clocks

Chelsea is a world renowned clock maker with roots going back to 1897. The fact that this clock is completely made in the U.S.A. makes them the last of the American clock manufacturers. Chelsea originally started in Boston as the Harvard Clock Co. before changing the name to Boston and then to the Eastman Clock Co. After these name changes it was finally settled on that the name Chelsea Clock Company would be the name going forward. Thus the groundwork was set for the finest in America clock making. It was firmly established via innovation from the country's earliest clock craftsmen.

For over a century, Chelsea's craftsmen have been designing and meticulously building some of the world's most exquisite time machines. Today, the company continues to manufacture and repair clocks at its original corporate headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Chris CorreiaChris Correia

"I feel privileged to be a designer in today's jewelry industry. My approach to design is influenced by today's woman and her varying lifestyle needs. Being a woman in business myself, women's needs are easy for me to understand."
-- Chris Correia

Color, form, movement, and comfort are the basis for Chris Correia's approach to design.

Platinum is Chris Correia's metal of choice, because she feels that it symbolizes women's strength and independence. Her modern, yet painstakingly detailed use of platinum, 18kt gold, and diamonds shines white hot in her collections of beautiful upscale jewelry.

See why Chris Correia is one of the high end jewelry brands being made today.

Christian BauerChristian Bauer

The Christian Bauer jewelry company began well over a century ago. Christian Bauer jewelry was a family business, started by the Bauer brothers and following in the footsteps of their father's goldsmith trade.

In 1988, Christian Bauer luxury Jewelry began distributing in the United States.

People with classic tastes and a love of clean lines love Christian Bauer jewelry. Men's and women's wedding bands by Christian Bauer are created in a variety of metals -- most often platinum and 18 karat gold. Many Christian Bauer wedding and engagement bands feature intricate engraving, diamonds, and colored stones.

If you love classic designer jewelry with a tradition of lasting excellence, please browse our Christian Bauer collection.

Poetry...Life has waited for this moment, The world pauses for a brief heartbeat, And then begins to turn anew, Revolving around love, The language of the heart, Words, as precious as gold, and platinum, Unique as a diamond.

Classics of New YorkClassics of New York

With almost twenty years in business Classic of NY is a true one-stop shop for exquisite and affordable jewelry pieces that will please anybody.

Classics of New York offers a wide verity of natural stones and colored crystal jewelry. They also have jewelry any where from cats, dogs, butterflies, and dolphins to the classic elegant look from the past until today.

Closeout JewelryCloseout Jewelry

Once these designer pieces are gone, they're gone! We have one or two similar pieces in stock no duplicates exist. They will never again be produced. This is your chance to buy into a designer line at an unbelievably low price point.


Eddie SakamotoEddie Sakamoto

The striking visual statements of Eddie Sakamoto's jewelry are a result of the dramatic interplay of forms, each of which is carefully massaged, forming a harmonious and balanced union. Eddie Sakamoto Jewelry often utilizes large, unusually set diamonds as their focal point, sometimes including an embellishment of channel-set smaller diamonds. Eddie Sakamoto's Jewelry are flawless works of art and would be just as intriguing as tall garden sculptures as they are on the finger of a sophisticated woman.

Estate JewelryEstate Jewelry

Find a wide sampling of jewelry from the following periods of jewelry design:
Mid and Late Victorian Period: 1850-1890
Edwardian Period: 1901-1914
Art Nouveau: 1890-1915
Art Deco: 1920-1935
Retro Period: 1935-1949

Items may be returned within 10 days in their original condition. Please see the return policy for complete details.


Since the turn of the century, the Gumuchian name has earned a well-established reputation in the diamond and jewelry industry for providing superior craftsmanship and spectacular designs.

Jewelry designed by Women for Women - the Gumuchian ladies have been manufacturing high quality jewelry in the U.S. with a commitment to beauty, quality and style with a legacy that goes back 100 years.

The Gumuchian insistence on a consistently high quality of materials, as well as the finest upscale jewelry and setting techniques, makes them one of the few remaining companies that still make jewelry the "old fashion way."

Gumuchian specializes in platinum, 18kt gold, diamond and precious stone luxury jewelry. Their designs are high-end, both enduring and classic, but also infused with contemporary ideas that reflect the fashions of today. Like Twinset�, their latest bridal collection is what W magazine referred to as the "Ultimate in Luxury." Full cut diamonds are set into the top of every prong giving the jewelry its incredible sparkle.

Gumuchian has been worn by Giselle Bundchen, Felicity Hoffman, Tatum O'Neil, Brittany Murphy, Marcia Cross and Rita Wilson to name just a few...

Gumuchian recognizes the importance of wearing jewelry that is soft, yet luxurious, that can go from office to evening � as well as the need for exceptional, special occasion pieces.

Gumuchian � One of America's best Jewelers � view the video about The Gumuchian Story


Gurhan Orhan is renowned for his sensual and exotic designs in pure 24 carat yellow gold and precious gems. Based in New York City and Istanbul, Gurhan draws inspiration from the materials and techniques of his ancestors from ancient Anatolia and Bynzantium. Gurhan Jewelry beautifully mixes ancient exoticism with modern sensibilities and fashion. Unlike many luxury jewelry designers, Gurhan is entirely self taught. Not one to be confined behind a workbench, he likes to create at the beach, inspired by the stones and metals he touches and feels. Gurhan is committed to designing and creating jewelry that is comfortable to wear, sensual to touch, and timeless. He says:

"I seek to evoke the past in the context of the present. When I create my jewelry, I enter the mind of the ancient goldsmiths, reincarnating the mystery of their techniques and their spirit, and reinterpreting it with the inspiration of today's refined elegance."

Gurhan Jewelry is lovingly handmade and truly original. His use of pure 24 carat yellow gold creates warmth and deep sensuality, communicating an exotic energy to the woman wearing his earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Gurhan 24kt gold jewelry reminds us just how wonderful pure yellow gold jewelry looks and feels.

Harout RHarout R

Harout R. Aghjayan began his career in the jewelry industry at the very young age of 17 as a bench jeweler and diamond setter. Throughout his year Harout's has owned his own designer manufacturing facility from 1996 until 2000 that produced jewelry primarily for Tiffany & Co. under the company name H Ritani Corp.

In 2001 he started his own successful jewelry brand, Ritani. In late 2009, after selling all of his shares in the company, he began to build his new brand, Harout R. He worked tirelessly to create the most unique and beautiful designs ever seen in the world.

The detail and craftsmanship that goes into each design evokes such emotion in a woman that when she sees and touches a Harout R ring, she will never want to take it off of her finger. With the introduction of his new signature designs, Harout is pleased to present his finest designer bridal collection. Many of the rings you see are available in different shapes of diamonds such as pear shape, Ascher cuts, princess cuts, heart shapes, and so on.

Here at Pearlman's Jewelers, we have the largest selection of Harout R rings on the internet. We welcome you to feel free to contact us about any questions that you might have.

Hearts for HerHearts for Her

Find the perfect way to give your heart to the one you love. We carry a wide selection of designer jewelry, many featuring hearts in metals from platinum, gold and silver. Take a look to find that perfect gift.


Memoire Engagement rings and jewelry has been manufacturing diamond luxury jewelry in the United States for more than 20 years. Our line is sold exclusively to the Guild end of the market and we are extremely selective in choosing Authorized Memoire Retailers. Quality and craftsmanship have always been keynotes to our success in the jewelry industry.

Our mountings are made in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. We provide our customers with simply the highest level of quality and manufacturing available today.

A Memoire mounting is designed to last a lifetime.

Michael B.Michael B.

Michael B. engagement rings and jewelry, awarded the Best in Platinum Design 2008, is one of the elite when it comes to California's premiere platinum and diamond jewelry designers. Michael B. jewelry is renowned for its glamorous and one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry, wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets created in intricate lace and pave diamond settings. It's hard to think of a more beautiful way to express your love than with a Michael B. engagement ring.

Michael Bogosian decided at a young age to become a gold and platinum smith and has steadfastly stuck to his goal. Michael B., who began working on a jeweler's bench at age twelve, has become a true visionary in the creation of chic, wearable platinum jewelry. "Platinum fits my vision for the next generation," says Michael B., "and I have never looked back since I first started working with it." Michael B. Jewelry creates luxurious designs, featuring platinum and diamonds, which combine graceful femininity with cutting edge style. Above all else, Michael B. loves the art and craft of designer jewelry -- this feeling is lovingly evident in each of his creations.

Pearlman's Jewelers features an extensive collection of Michael B. platinum engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Please call or email us and we will help you select the most beautiful piece of Michael B. jewelry for any occasion you desire.

Some of the most exquisite pieces you will find in the collection is either a Michael B infinity ring or a beautiful diamond that sparkles when even the lowest light hits the surface.

Michael B. TouchMichael B. Touch

The new Michael B. Touch Collection represents years in the making of fine luxury jewelry. The hand crafted collection is just the start to bringing Michaels wonderful designs and superior craftsmanship to a broader expanse of his capabilities. This collection is made in 18kt white gold using the finest VVS E_F quality ideal cut diamonds only the diamond weights have changed. The white gold stays white. Compared to most micro pave designs on the market we and most understand the superior quality Michael has displayed in the design of this all time classic of designs. All pieces are hand made in America utilizing old world craftsmanship. The same attention to detail as Michaels Princess and Lace collections you will find the Touch collection to be a pure pleasure to own and wear for the rest of your life. We are proud to be the first to introduce this collection to the public and again honored to represent one of America's truly brilliant designers. And, the prices aren't bad either :-) Bill

Michael BeaudryMichael Beaudry

Michael Beaudry is a master designer by trade, a prolific designer and visionary by nature. His extensive collection of handcrafted rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets reflect an appreciation for true beauty and a commitment to quality workmanship that is all too rare in today's mass-market mentality. For Michael, it is vital to incorporate authentic hand engraving in all of his pieces that feature his name.

Beaudry's most profound training has been hands-on experience and consistent focus, and upscale jewelry which have earned him world-class status. Platinum and the finest quality diamonds are his materials of choice, but Michael Beaudry jewelry always leaves room for the extraordinary in terms of the colored stones, metal combinations, and fine detailing that are all hallmarks of his work. Michael also works with highly skilled craftsman, who share over one hundred years of combined experience.

Michael considers his passion for designer jewelry as the ultimate expression of love and art. This is what makes him one of the most famous jewelry designers producing today. Beaudry�s exclusive collections represent the absolute finest in unique handcrafted jewelry. The gift of a Beaudry creation is like a gift of a historical artifact that will be handed down through the ages. Beaudry jewelry is truly spectacular.

Michael Beaudry offers three luxury jewelry lines each with its own level of exalted beauty. Beaudry Couture uses rare and often irreplaceable diamonds and gemstones and are miraculous works of art. Beaudry's Signature collection takes the exotic designs of the Couture collection and brings them into everyday wearable art. The Beautique collection is introduced to the young professional and the future Couture collector. The Beautique contains beautiful diamonds, hand engraving and the most delicate details at a reasonable price point.

Michael BondanzaMichael Bondanza

Designer jewelry creator Michael Bondanza is a gifted artist who descends from a long line of sculptors and artistic visionaries. As befits an artist, Michael Bondanza's family traces its roots to a town in Italy that was touched by the hand of Michelangelo. Today, Michael Bondanza is recognized for his classic and clean luxury jewelry designs in bridal jewelry and more.

Jewelry design began as a hobby for Michael Bondanza -- he started of designing pieces for his friends. As word spread of his talent, demand grew and Michael Bondanza started marketing his creations. His first commercial designs were bought by Cartier jewelry. Before long, he began working in his preferred medium of platinum, and caused quite a sensation in his own right in the jewelry world.

Best known for his sleek bridal collections, Michael Bondanza describes his creations as "clean, modern, and pure." Although his designer jewelry is decidedly contemporary and distinctive, it is still subtle and understated. With Bondanza's signature high-polished platinum feature, it's fair to say that a ring from his collection will never go unnoticed.

Michael Bondanza is truly one of the high end jewelry brands of the century.

Nicole BarrNicole Barr

Nicole Barr specializes in a technique called plique-�-jour. Which is where the enamel is suspended between delicate wires of silver or gold without a backing, allowing the light to shine through. There design for nature is widely known. Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel, which is hard fired glass, painstakingly applied by hand to 18K gold and sterling silver. This style of jewelry is a reflection of the Art Nouveau period of design. By the turn of the 1910's, art nouveau has merged into the Art Deco art style.

Nouveau CollectionNouveau Collection

The rare and exacting art of plique-a-jour enameling is at the heart of the unmistakable jewelry created by Nouveau Collection, of Barcelona, Spain. This technique, where layer upon layer is meticulously applied, results in rich colors and delicate shading that would be impossible to produce any other way. To achieve its brilliance and durability, each piece is baked, more than 20 times, in temperatures of over 1000 degrees.

Art nouveau is based on the modernist movement that took place between during the beginning of the 20th century. The collection's designer, Enric Torres, is one of the few who artists that make these fine pieces.

Art nouveau is a style of decorative art, architecture, and design prominent in western Europe and the U.S. from about 1890 until World War I and characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.


The perfect circle of a wedding band symbolizes unity and eternal love. We offer a variety of timeless, classic, masculine and feminine styles that embody your commitment to your partner. Browse our selection of partnership rings in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Embellish with diamonds, colored stones, or hand-carved engraving. Find something as unique and enduring as your love.

Pearl CollectionPearl Collection

For thousands of years, pearls have found their way into women's wardrobes. From classic to high art, the pearl offers one of the best jewels for everyday wear. Featuring selections of beautiful South Sea and Japanese Akoya pearls, to the new Chinese fresh water pearls, all in a multitude of colors. It's what you would expect from a name like Pearlman's.

Prices from $100.00.

Pearlman's BridalPearlman's Bridal

Welcome to the new Pearlman Bridal Collection of jewelry and accessories. Our newest collection reflects an ongoing effort to bring you the very finest luxury jewelry using the highest grades of materials available. Our diamond, platinum and gold items are conflict free and sourced from the finest suppliers. The collection is available in platinum or 18kt gold. We also offer 4 grades of diamonds, all beautiful, to help meet your budget. The Pearlman Collection is luxury wedding bands handmade in America by one of the premiere manufacturers in the country. The attention to detail is unmatched. We only use ideal cut diamonds and guarantee if you ever lose one we will replace it free of charge, no questions asked. (certain size diamonds may not be covered by this guarantee) Our 80 years of business experience have taught us a lot about truly fine upscale jewelry. You can see our commitment to excellence in every piece from the Pearlman's Bridal Collection. Our pricing is very competitive, so whether you visit our store or find us on the net, you can be assured that you will receive the same outstanding service. We also offer a custom design division utilizing our master craftsmen so if you don't see it, ask. There is not much we cannot do. Enjoy, and watch for much more to come.

Pearlmans CollectionPearlmans Collection

Explore our exclusive collection of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The Pearlman's Collection features the designs and creations of internationally-renowned designers and manufacturers made just for us. This fine jewelry is made from only the finest metals (18 karat white and yellow golds and platinum), diamonds, and colored stones. Because we deal with the manufacturers directly, we can specify exactly what we want -- and pass the savings on to you.

If you're seeking to build a classic jewelry wardrobe, but think that our designer jewelry is out of your reach, the Pearlman's Collection is a beautiful place to start.

As passionate experts in our field, we would never attach our name to a piece of jewelry that we didn't find beautiful, unique, and of high quality.

Pearlman's 1930 VintagePearlman\'s 1930 Vintage

Named for King Edward VII of Great Britain, 1901-1915. The Edwardian era, like the Georgian and Victorian eras before it, derives its name from the reign of an English King, Edward VII (1901-1910). This is the final jewelry period to be defined by a British monarch. The jewelry featured Garlands and ribbons, laurel wreaths, bow knots, tassels and lace were produced with a new lightness thanks to the advances made in platinum fabrication. Many would know this time for the extensive use of filigree. Considered one of the most elegant periods of jewelry we are pleased to present our collection of fine Edwardian Jewelry pieces. These pieces are from original "dies" and die-struck. These are the best! Made in the USA

Peter StormPeter Storm

Peter Storm, Chief Executive Officer of Peter Storm Jewelry, is a seasoned professional in the jewelry industry with over 25 years in the business. Mr. Storm's history in the industry runs the gamut from sales to design, learner to teacher; positioning him with the expertise necessary to not only create his own line of upscale jewelry, but to sell and market it as well.

Based upon his extensive understanding of beautiful design and the important relationship between jewelry and the women who wear it, Mr. Storm has developed a dedicated following.

Peter Storm prides himself on the thorough in-depth market research that precedes his every design. By speaking, and more importantly, listening to the customers who come to see him at his in-store personal appearances, Mr. Storm is able to create the kind of jewelry that women want to wear. This is what makes him one of the most famous jewelry designers alive today. When describing his design philosophy, Peter Storm states, "The old philosophy that jewelry is only for special occasions is antiquated and pass�. Jewelry should be worn every day portraying sensuality and elegance." Hence Peter Storm's design philosophy of sensual elegance.

Push PresentsPush Presents

A push present is a present a new father gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. The most common push present is jewelry. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room.

Religious JewelryReligious Jewelry

We offer a beautiful, elegant and tasteful collection of faith-inspired pieces including earrings, necklaces, rings and pins. Browse Religious Jewelry to find the perfect piece that symbolizes your spirituality.

Robert Bruce BielkaRobert Bruce Bielka

Robert Bruce Bielka is a rare combination: world-class designer and Certified Master Jeweler. Known for the finest hand finishing and meticulous attention to detail, Robert Bruce Bielka presents bear jewelry in his Bearlooms collection that is collected by connoisseurs and celebrities worldwide. Robert Bruce Bielka is also the originator of the Asprey Sunflowers and Daisies. Robert Bruce Bielka jewelry offers the finest in hand made precious teddy bears. With solid gold bodies, and fully articulate limbs, his pieces set the standard.

Sasha PrimakSasha Primak

New York-based Sasha Primak creates the finest traditional jewelry for his customers in the United States, Europe and the Far East. Specializing in bridal jewelry, Sasha Primak Jewelry symbolizes classic elegance, melding 18k gold and platinum with the finest quality diamonds. Sasha Jewelry meticulously matches the most beautiful diamonds, ensuring a seamless fire of light that epitomizes everything classic jewelry should be.

During the fall of 2005, the Alexander Primak line was re-branded as Sasha Primak. The jewelry is still designed by the same person, and handcrafted to the highest standards by the same artisans.

Scott KayScott Kay

Scott Kay Jewelry is constantly raising the level of excellence in platinum engagement rings and bridal jewelry, and will continue to do so. Since your wedding jewelry is the most special and long-lasting piece you will ever own, Scott Kay Jewelry is committed to working with only the purest and strongest metal available, platinum. Scott Kay aims to create timeless and beautiful pieces of jewelry that will be your future family heirloom.

Scott Kay for MenScott Kay for Men

Now featuring rings from the new Scott Kay Cobalt collection, Scott Kay presents the finest in wedding and lifestyle rings for men.

These rings are designed to convey the ideals of strength, masculinity, and personal style. Only the finest materials and the highest manufacturing standards are used in the production of a Scott Kay ring, ensuring a lifetime of style and comfort.


Every piece of SeidenGang Jewelry is designed to make an individual statement while complimenting the full collection. For over two decades, Carol Seiden and Carolyn Gang have been creating jewelry for women with a passion for life, enthusiasm for style, and desire for elegant rings, earrings, and other fine jewelry.

SeidenGang Jewelry pioneered the now-popular concept of antiquity-inspired jewelry. Twelve years ago, Carol and Carolyn found themselves in possession of a rare collection of ancient inspired plaster bas reliefs. So inspired were they by the pieces' intricate detail, that they began to transform the images into modern 18 karat jewelry.

The Classic Collection combines ancient motifs with modern design innovations to create contemporary classics. This Collection is the balance that is struck between the larger, bolder styles and the more delicate pieces. SeidenGang creates pieces such as these from a special 18k green gold alloy which resembles the warm color of the high karat gold used of antiquity.

Inspired by the Classic Collection, The Odyssey Collection has its own flavor, reminiscent of weathered ancient frescoes. Many pieces in the Odyssey Collection feature a large fissure in the metal with a flash of diamonds spilling forth, evoking the thrill of discovering hidden treasure.

With sophisticated elegance and an emphasis on brilliant diamonds, the Diamond Jubilee Collection adds to the timeless style and fashion flare of all the SeidenGang Jewelry. Made up of different shaped diamonds set in 18k gold and skillfully crafted with unique textures, the pieces in Diamond Jubilee will surely compliment your individual style.

Sholdt Sholdt

Sholdt Design produces wedding rings and fine luxury jewelry that is at once beautiful, durable, modern and timeless. Designed within an environment of creative freedom, each exquisite piece is produced by a master craftsman within Sholdt's family-owned production facility in Seattle.

Brian Sholdt, winner of numerous industry honors and awards, receives inspiration from 20th Century design and architecture. Dustin Sholdt's hands-on knowledge of the medium and its possibilities builds from over 20 years as a bench jeweler.


Spark Creations has built its reputation as a leader among jewelers over the last 35 years by manufacturing fashion jewelry designs, with a twist of luxury jewelry, that capture the essence of the season fashion trends and consistently using the highest quality of diamonds, rare gemstones and precious stones available. Spark's use of these high quality stones are the featured accent in the superb high fashion rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets they create.

Each season, Spark's innovative collections take signature jewelry icons into a modern dimension while continuing to offer timeless, classic pieces for sophisticated women. Spark Creation's founders, brothers Eli and Beny Aviram, have established Spark as a true Jewelry manufacturing leader by personally sourcing the finest stones from around the world, infusing elegance into every design, while maintaining a fresh fashionable design in every piece.

Steven KretchmerSteven Kretchmer

How does a Steven Kretchmer ring hold that diamond? Years of science and a little magic are behind Steven Kretchmer's famous and often-copied tension setting. The magic of an authentic Steven Kretchmer tension setting is the 12,000 pounds per square inch integrated fitted mounting that secures your precious gem forever. Tension settings allow the maximum amount of light to penetrate the stone, enhancing its brilliance.

Applying his patented technologies, Steven Kretchmer Jewelry transforms precious metals into unique, elegant, and collectible designer rings, earrings, and necklaces. Steven Kretchmer Jewelry also utilizes innovative metals and features, "polarium," a permanently polarized platinum alloy that acts like a magnet.

Steven Kretchmer's sophisticated and masculine bands are perfect for celebrating everlasting partnership.

Each extraordinary Steven Kretchmer, high end jewelry, setting is for the discerning and unique individual.

Jewelry designer and metalsmithing historian Steven Kretchmer isn't your typical designer. Yes, he holds formal degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Michigan, but Kretchmer's more enriching professional experiences have been laboriously gained through a series of personal quests and tutoring by great masters and metallurgical magicians.

More than any other jewelry designer, Steven Kretchmer seeks to understand the intrinsic role that ancient and modern metals have played in the development of civilization. He deduced that jewelry metalsmithing didn't have much to do with actual life and death situations and has remained in the slow lane, within the tradition of passing the same age-old techniques from father to son, master to apprentice. It's Kretchmer's opinion that jewelry design remained bound by the limitations of those techniques and the use of conventional precious alloys.

Kretchmer's desire to break old boundaries led him to study technique of Mokume Gane-- an ancient Japanese metal patterning technique meaning "wood-grain metal." Kretchmer's passion has led to unique and custom made precious metals, Mokume Gane jewelry, blue gold, and other exotic precious metals. At one point, he researched exotic gold for jewelry design mogul Harry Winston.

Kretchmer's achievements in developing new types of springy precious metals and alloys and in using them in innovative jewelry designs enabled only through their use are a recognized milestone in jewelry design and its contemporary history.

Steven Kretchmer's jewelry designs have won several awards including the 1992 personal award of New Designer of the Year by Jewelers of America. He is best known for his "tension setting" jewelry. This seemingly magical innovation uses no prong or bezel, just one long expanse of shank clasping the stone. This "tension setting" technique results in designs so elegant in their simplicity that they belie the complex processes that go into making them.

Whitney BoinWhitney Boin

Whitney Boin has always been interested in art and design. He became intrigued with jewelry design when he was just twenty years old. Whitney Boin has gone on to win some of the most prestigious design awards in the jewelry industry.

Whitney Boin designs precious jewelry with his hands and his heart. Whitney Boin has a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically proficient jewelry designers in the world.

Says Whitney Boin, "Jewelry differs from sculpture as it is worn on the body, and the way it is worn gives the piece kinetic energy. The motion of the body is as important as the material, how the stones are set, and how the piece is polished. All contribute to the visual movement of the piece, which will capture the beauty and structure of the well-designed architecture."

Whitney Boin Jewelry makes a statement and is a bold, yet classic, contribution to any jewelry wardrobe.

If you're looking for classic, clean, and innovative bridal jewelry, you definitely want to check out Whitney Boin.

Whitney Boin is one of the world's most innovative and technically proficient jewelry designers. Since the start of his design career, he has won numerous awards for his sleek, sculptural pieces. His award-winning designs for engagement rings, diamond necklaces, and pearl bracelets have propelled him to international acclaim.

The story of how Whitney Boin became recognized as an artist and a leader in the field is a tribute to his innate talent. Born in New Jersey to artistic parents, Whitney Boin began creating art in high school. He won several Scholastic Golden Keys Awards for jewelry design and sculpture, when he was just 17. He studied under Gary Griffen and Hans Christianson at the Rochester Institute of Technology's School for American Craftsmen, which at the time had the best metalworking program in the country.

At 20, Whitney Boin took a leave of absence, convinced his parents to invest the balance of his college tuition fund in platinum and diamonds, and created pieces to enter jewelry competitions. From that point on, his passion was to create pieces that presented something beyond the traditional stone in a setting. His ability to invent designs that were reminiscent of intriguing works of architecture and sculpture was immediately recognized. His diamond necklace won The 1978 Diamonds Today Award and brought him his first clients.

The 1982 Ridge Collection of earrings, bracelet, necklace and brooch won The Designer of the Year Award. Each major piece he designed that won an award became the cornerstone of a new collection. In 1985, Vertebrae was created after the Japan Pearl Society presented Boin the International Pearl Design Award for a pearl bracelet. The Post Collection was inspired when DeBeers presented the Diamonds of Distinction Award to Boin in 1988.

"My jewelry speaks softly of simple harmony and sophistication rather than screaming unusual. I think of my jewelry as new classics, elegant with strong character, enduring strength, and integrity."
-- Whitney Boin

Whitney Boin designs precious jewelry with his hands and his heart, and more than deserves his reputation as one of the most innovative and creative jewelry designers in the world. Say Whitney Boin, "Jewelry differs from sculpture as it is worn on the body, and the way it is worn gives the piece kinetic energy. The motion of the body is as important as the material, how the stones are set, and how the piece is polished. All contribute to the visual movement of the piece, which will capture the beauty and structure of the well-designed architecture."

Whitney Boin jewelry designs range from the tasteful gold wedding band to exquisite diamond necklaces. He designs for the discriminating woman who wants pieces that capture the beauty and structure fine jewelry.

Yuri IchihashiYuri Ichihashi

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