George Sawyer

Jewelry is an art form, bringing together design, originality, and technical virtuosity.

George Sawyer Jewelry

"In my work I try to achieve a harmony between form, surface pattern and color. The exploration of the graphic and painterly qualities of color-patterned metal, and the technical challenges of producing sculptural objects from this material, continue to fascinate me. I am interested in using color and pattern in a more abstract way to create a form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries, and more pleasure, the longer and closer they look."
-- George Sawyer

George Sawyer creates unique engagement rings using a technique called mokume gane. It's origins started in the early 1600s with Japanese swords, and is carried forward to the beauty of engagement rings. Each piece is like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. If ordered at the same time, mirrorored patterns can be created across a ring and the matching band.

Prices from $1000.00.