Ritani Jewelry: A fresh and modern approach to engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

Ritani Jewelry

Ritani offers a fresh and innovative approach to contemporary engagement rings and other bridal jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. Designer Harout Ritani utilizes the precious metals and diamonds in all of his creations, combining classic beauty and flawless quality. Ritani designer jewelry -- both his bridal and signature collections -- is proud to offer timeless luxury jewelry pieces that can be worn every day and will last a lifetime.

"Inspired from my work as a bench jeweler and setter, I create from an inspired vision. I am impassioned to combine graceful designs with uncompromising quality and workmanship."
-- Harout Ritani

One of Ritani jewelry's unique features is its PerfectMatch feature. This allows almost all of Ritani's engagement rings to fit any wedding band, so that each fit together perfectly and comfortably.