Pearlman's Closeout Jewelry
Imagination Takes Shape

What is closeout jewelry?

Pearlman's Jewelers is offering competitive pricing on rare designer necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and more. We're giving you the opportunity to add gorgeous designer pieces to your jewelry wardrobe at prices other fine jewelry establishments wouldn't dream of listing. Each piece featured is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind designer creation from a discontinued line.

Once these designer pieces are gone, they're gone! We have one or two similar pieces in stock, no duplicates exist. They will never again be produced. This is your chance to buy into a designer line at an unbelievably low price point.

Jewelry designers are artists. The seasons inspire them and their muses take myriad forms. Therefore, when creating new lines, they rarely include pieces from previous lines or periods of inspiration. Need an analogy? Think of the radical difference between Picasso's one-hued and plaintive "Blue Period" and his later drawings and prints that celebrated love and eroticism. Or, for all you fashionistas: Remember Marc Jacobs's cartoonish and militaristic 2002 collection? His most recent pieces are much softer and decidedly feminine. Of course, you can always spot a Picasso or a Marc Jacob's handbag. Each artist has his signature style. Likewise, with designer jewelry, Steven Kretchmer's or Whitney Boin's definitive styles are always recognizable. Yet, each new collection might be a complete departure from the previous one.

Pearlman's Jewelers is offering you a simply amazing closeout inventory from the names you know and covet in designer jewelry. Why are we giving you such a deal? It's simple: although these pieces are very fine and represent the gold standard in materials and craftsmanship, they have been discontinued.