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Thank you very much; I was able to pick up the ring and it is gorgeous. Your customer service is certainly heads and tells above that of Ritani... As you can see, I express my disappointment with Ritani to everyone... Again, thank you very much, I am very appreciative of your great customer service!

Fred S. - Customer Review

I had searched and searched and just couldn't find a ring that I could imagine wearing forever. I came across the site for Pearlman's and Bill answered the phone on a weekend. Bill was friendly, receptive to my specifications, and connected me with Julian within a few days. Julian found a beautiful diamond, had it mounted onto a Memoire band for me, and assured me that the finished product wouldn't disappoint.
He was correct.
Julian delivered to me a ring so exquisite that hardly a day would go by without someone admiring it. I highly recommend this company, Bill, and Julian to anyone who is looking to purchase an extraordinary piece of jewelry. Review

I bought my wedding band from Perlman's 2 years ago. Platinum with gold, over $3000+. I just thought I should write a review because I live in Hawaii, and never seeing the shop, I wanted to let everyone know that they are amazing and can be trusted for any jewelry shopping you need... even if you don't live in MI.
Here in Hawaii the same ring was selling for 45% more ($4000+), and when I talked to Bill Perlman, he was super nice, very professional and promised he would inspect the ring himself, test for impurities, and would ship it 2-day to Hawaii and would charge me standard shipping! This ring was about 30% more with other online retailers. He had the most competitive pricing on all rings that I saw.

If you are not from MI, and don't intend to go to their shop, please don't hesitate to place an order on-line with Bill. Save some money and shop here!
P.S. The ring was in perfect condition when I got it in the mail and fyi,.. I got it apprised for my insurance here in Hawaii (them having no affiliation with Perlman's) and is 100% authentic.

Ethan P. - Yelp Review

Pearlman's is one of my favorite Jewelers in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES. I live in CA, and bought my wedding bands and my attendant gifts from them. I'm also a member of a Jewelry Board ( that has very exacting standards of service and quality from all jewelry vendors and I can tell you that Pearlman's is the best of the best in every way.
I cannot praise them enough. I just wish I had more money to buy more jewelry from them... but I will, eventually, and you can bet Pearlman's will be my first call.

The designers they carry, the loose diamond quality, the amazing selection, the service and attention to detail are top notch. And they've got the awards to prove it. Review

I was stunned with luxurious yet delicate, thoughtful and in so many ways meaningful design of my engagement ring! It will take years to fully discover its superb lacy work! When Lew told me the whole story of cooperation between him and the Pearlman's owner and their jeweler in creating the design and choosing the gorgeous multi-colored diamonds for this unique piece of art, I was delighted and flattered! A lot of thought and attention went into my gorgeous ring, and the craftsmanship is beyond any praise! My Engagement Ring is a life-time sign of love and commitment me and Lew share in this lifetime and beyond. Our gratitude to all who helped us in this journey!

Victoria B. - Facebook Review

Great to do business with! Would definitely buy from again. Review

Mr. Pearlman is a very kind and personable man. I would recommend this business to everyone:-) Review

I have browsed many jewelry web sites and I believe Pearlman's has one of the best. Their website is Pearlman's carries lots of designer jewelry as well as estate jewelry. If you live near Battle Creek, I would visit his store in person.
I bought a ring on consignment from Pearlman's. Even though the ring was fairly inexpensive, the owner, Bill Pearlman was an absolute delight to deal with. We exchanged numerous emails and a phone call. Bill is extremely prompt. He is really friendly and you can tell he cares about his customers. He is very patient and answered all of my questions. This was very reassuring as I was buying a ring sight unseen. I recommend him if you are looking to purchase jewelry or want to sell jewelry on consignment.
I would not hesitate to give him my business in the future.

Stacey I. - Yelp Review

A+ seller,exactly as described,great communication,fast shipping,5 stars

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