Price Matching Guarantee

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Our "Price Matching Guarantee" is just that, we want to give you the best pricing we possibly can. If you have found a better price anywhere for an identical item, Pearlman's will match that price plus an additional 10% of the difference.

Our goal is to have you feel confident in knowing you have received the best price and the best service out there.

To give you total peace of mind, Pearlman's will also guarantee our price to be equal to or lower than any competitor's advertised* price for a duration of 30 days after your purchase. If you locate the same item advertised for a lower price, Pearlman's will match the advertised price and refund you the difference.

*advertised or quoted price must be advertised in a media form available to the general public. We will not accept written quotes from anyone or any web based solicitations by unauthorized dealers, the price must be advertised. The advertised piece must be provided to us by the customer, and must be for the same style, quality, materials and certification.