Pearlman's Jewelers

Pearlman's Jewelers. A Family Business, an American Success Story For 92 Years.

The Jewel Box Interior ~1930
The Jewel Box Interior ~1930

My father, Aaron J. Pearlman, was born in 1899 and began in the jewelry business in the 1920's with his brother William (my namesake). The Great Depression caused the brothers to part ways in the late 1920's with Aaron seeking greener pastures in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he became the sole owner and operator of a new store that would come to be called “The Jewel Box,” and later “Pearlman's Jewelers.” in 1930

Having lost his first wife, and with two young children to look after, Aaron met and married my mother, Marjorie Louise in the early 1940's. They promptly began a new family and expanded the store to what would come to The Jewel Box ~1940
The Jewel Box ~1940
represent the classic 1940's “Brick and Mortar” jewelry store. All clocks, watches, gifts, and jewelry were represented in fine style.

The 1960's brought another large expansion and saw all of the Pearlman's children growing up and beginning to follow their own callings in life. Their children's (six in all) many distinctions included an Army Colonel, a world class swimmer, and several innovative entrepreneurs.

The Jewel Box Interior ~1940
The Jewel Box Interior~1940

I worked in the family business from as far back as I can remember and I have fond memories of cleaning the store for a nickel an hour in the 1950's and making my first jewelry sale at the ripe old age of nine. These humble beginnings were the foundation that I needed. Being in this business for so long has taught me the value of presentation, showmanship, and excellence in service.

An Idea is Born

The Jewel Box Interior ~1945
The Jewel Box Interior ~1945

In the mid 1990's, I bought my son Jason a computer. I distinctly remember, one day I heard he and his friends laughing in his room. I entered the room expecting the worst and they were there playing games on the computer. I asked where they got the games and they said the Internet, they had done a search and found them. I asked them to search “Jewelry” and after the painfully slow dial up connection had worked its magic I saw some crude jewelry websites. I thought to myself; “Where is the luxury? Where is the presentation? This could be better!”

As they say........the rest is history.

The Jewel Box ~1960s
The Jewel Box ~1960s

In 1995 I launched the first version of our website. I remember the early fits and starts, along with all of the bad advice and discouraging comments from the “traditional” jewelry crowd. Sweeping the naysayers aside, I remained intensely focused on presentation, quality and value and in 1999 launched the current site you are looking at today.


The Jewel Box 1979
The Jewel Box 1979

I always felt that the Pearlman name should be synonymous with the word innovation. As a result, Pearlman's Jewelers was the first Jewelry website to exclusively feature award winning jewelry designers, as well as being the first to present professional high resolution photography, all elegantly showcased on a clean black background.


Pearlmans Jewelers 2014
Pearlmans Jewelers 2022

With any business, you must adapt to the times. I moved the headquarters to a new location; for a more focused approach to creating a better online experience for the customer. We are still a brick and mortal store with even more foot traffic inside the store. Over the years things have not been altered to a high degree. I still am Bill and always plan on doing business the same way.

Customers.... Always First Priority

Pearlman's is open Monday through Saturday. The website however, is open 24/7. Do not be surprised if you get an email response at 3 A.M. on a Sunday morning, as I don't sleep much and just love and appreciate all of the customers who take interest in what we have worked so hard to provide. Please take some time to browse through our exceptional catalogue of jewelry designers. Never hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions. We are continually at your service.

You customers..... You people that are interested in what we offer, you are my life. I am so thankful when you find us.

Bill Pearlman
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