Find Something to Love: Designer Jewelry

My philosophy is simple: find something to love.

I apply these simple words in my life and in my work. First, I only sell the designer jewelry I love. Second, I make sure clients wear only jewelry they love.

This web site, like my store in Battle Creek, Michigan, is an art gallery. We only feature the work of premier jewelry designers in the U.S. and throughout the world. They are the designers whose work I love, and this site features hundreds of beautiful images of their creations.

Browsing through the site, you will surely find something you love. Something that fits your lifestyle and personality, while complementing the jewelry you already own, while making a unique statement in its own right.

Designer Jewelry

For the designers I represent, their work is their passion; each expresses only his or her unique vision. They follow their personal muse and use only the finest materials: platinum, or high-karat gold, coupled with rare and beautifully-cut diamonds, gemstones, and pearls.

The jewelry you select shouldn't just sit in a drawer; it should be worn, enjoyed, and loved. Let us help you discover what will best suit her lifestyle, her personality and her sense of personal style. This will ensure that your purchase is made with confidence and allow you to give your gift with pride. In a short time, the piece of jewelry you select will become such a part of her wardrobe, she will feel undressed without it.

Beautiful Memories

Receiving jewelry is one of the most memorable events of a lifetime. My mother still remembers the exact details of the moment my father presented her with an engagement ring just like it was yesterday. She recalls where they were, what he said, even the stillness of the air and how the clouds were arranged. When, decades later, she relates these details, the corners of her mouth curve into a secret smile.

That's the kind of pleasure a gift of jewelry can give. It's why I love what I do.

Bill Pearlman