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Consign or Trade Designer, Estate, or Vintage Jewelry

As fine designer jewelry specialists, we attract customers who own and know a lot about designer jewelry. There may be times in your life that you need to sell or consign your jewelry -- we'd like to help. Here's how to consign your designer jewelry:

  1. You must contact us and accurately describe your pieces.
  2. We must agree on a selling price that is both fair to you and the prospective customer.
  3. All consigned items that are photographed, processed and uploaded must stay on the website for a duration of at least 6 months to allow the item a fair chance to sell. Any early withdrawal will result in a service fee at 10% of the items determined sale value, in addition to return shipping charges.
  4. We take a 25% commission on the sale.
  5. We send you a check upon completion of the sale.
  6. You must have proof of ownership. A sales receipt or appraisal is sufficient. If the piece was inherited, a copy of the inheritance document must accompany the piece.
  7. You must ship the item to us. If it doesn't sell, you will pay for it to be shipped back to you.
  8. We cover the photography, database, uploading and insurance costs.
  9. Minimum $500 value.