How We Operate

You work hard for your money. When it's time to play, your money should work as hard as you do.

The Internet revolution transformed the way you shop for designer jewelry, placing an infinite selection of diamonds, gemstones, platinum, and gold at your fingertips. In the shadowy world of online retailing, who can you trust to deliver the premium quality you demand, at sensible prices?

It's simple—trust the experts. Trust Pearlman's Jewelers.

For more than 30 years, Pearlman's has represented premier jewelry designers, offering our famous stellar service. We're a family-run business, pampering every customer like a member of our family. When many homegrown businesses are retreating from the big-box retailers, Pearlman's leads the charge—both in the brick-and-mortar world and in cyberspace. Today our online superstore,, is a major player in the international designer jewelry scene.

How is Pearlman's succeeding while others fade? First, we change with the times, frequently adding world-renowned—as well as talented yet unheralded—designers to our impressive roster. Second, Pearlman's carries only ideal-cut, top-quality diamonds, fine gemstones, and precious metals. Third, we'll outbid any competitor to ensure our prized clientele leading-edge prices.

Bill Pearlman, CEO of Pearlman's Jewelers, says Most people associate superior quality diamonds and fine jewelry with the 'pastel boxes' stores. Why pay twice as much as you should, just for a pastel box? Our knowledge of online diamond sales and our streamlined operations guarantee the most beautiful pieces at the most competitive prices.

Today, offers a one-of-a-kind online experience. We display our pieces on exquisite models, showcasing the caress of a necklace along the collarbone, or the brilliant reflections of colored stone earrings sparkling in a woman's eye. blends the yin of romance with the yang of practicality to provide an unparalleled shopping opportunity. For every poetic product description, you'll also find strikingly realistic photography alongside straightforward talk about the exceptional selection only Pearlman's delivers.

We educate our customers like no one else in our industry. Our Wardrobing 101 feature sheds light on how to build a jewelry wardrobe—something Bill Pearlman believes is vital to the jewelry-shopping experience. "Creating a jewelry wardrobe is the most important aspect of the process," Bill says. "We'll teach you how to select the perfect pieces for your lifestyle, and we'll be your fashion consultant for a variety of occasions and events."

In 30 years, Pearlman's has built powerful relationships with the innovative, award-winning designers we represent. We feature more than 50 designers, highlighting the greatest names in fine jewelry in every conceivable setting—engagement rings and bridal sets, whimsical colored stone pieces, striking platinum 'wearable art,' even navel rings and other body jewelry. The list of designers you'll find on reads like a "Who's who" of fashion:

At Pearlman's, we understand the online experience as intimately as we understand fine jewelry. Our website doesn't collect your credit card number and vanish into the night—in fact, at, no sale takes place online. Instead, Pearlman's presents you with a vast playground of jewelry and detailed information. We empower you to ask informed questions and make cogent decisions. When you create a Wish List or request a price quote, you'll hear from a Pearlman's representative within 24 hours. From there, Pearlman's is with you every step of the way, because we know you deserve the best.

When it's time to play, trust the experts—Pearlman's Jewelers.

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