The fundamental truth is
that men and women do
think differently.
This is a good thing.
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I need a brief word with all the men out there. Buying an extravagant piece of fine jewelry for your loved one is the most generous and romantic gesture you can make. Just to think of it makes my knees weak.

But it must be so scary. What if she doesn't like it? What if she doesn't wear it? Worse, what if she says she likes it, but you can see in her eyes she really doesn't?

Here are a few simple facts. Most women, when asked, say no one can pick jewelry out for them. They, and only they, know what looks right. It's like instinct. It's a woman thing.

First, you can get some clues by carefully observing the jewelry she already regularly wears. Is it yellow or white? Is it bold or delicate? Does it include diamonds or precious stones? Does she wear pearls?

Then, do yourself a favor, let her browse through this web site and select her favorites. Have her make a wish list. If you're in the area, go to Pearlman's Battle Creek store and let her try on a few things. Let her find something she really loves. She'll love you for it, and she'll wear it forever.