Measurements Of A Diamond


The table is the largest facet of the diamond. One of the key factors to determining a diamond’s grade of cut is the ratio of the table diameter to the diameter of the diamond.


Depth is the measurement of the diamond from the culet through the center of the diamond to the table.


The culet is the point at the bottom of the diamond.


In a Round Brilliant, the cone-shaped lower part of the stone


If the pavilion is too deep light will not escape. If the pavilion is too shallow, light will not reflect and the diamond will appear glassy.


This is the edge of the diamond typically held by the setting.


If it’s cut for brilliance, the most sparkle will be reflected. The crown angle in the well-cut diamond should be 33 to 35 degrees


The crown happens to be the biggest facet on the diamond

Learn the measurements of a diamond to determine how much sparkle a diamond can produce.
A diamond’s shape as well as its polish and symmetry affect the behavior of the stone; this effects how light reflects.

The measurements of a diamond