Pearlman's Jewelers

We are proud of the fact that 95% of our jewelry is American made and supports American labor.

The majority of the rest is made in Europe by top craftsmen who's signature look is representative of their countries. These products represent the highest quality jewelry made in the world.

The overwhelming majority of jewelry found in most large retailers is sourced from countries other then the ones mentioned above. Many retailers are price point driven, leaving their clients behind.

Our goal at Pearlman's Jewelers is to provide the highest quality products for our discerning clientele. Our clients rely on us to provide them with quality,and quality we deliver.

We feel that mass made substandard products do not represent who we are nor how we want to represent our products to our clients. Most items of jewelry here are individually custom made to order. No inferior products and no sizing in the case of rings. When a woman or a man slips on one of our rings it has been made to finger size. This is what all clients want, but rarely is this provided to them.

Most high volume mass produced items for the big box retailers, chain stores, and department stores are mass produced with sometimes as many as hundreds cast together on what is called a tree. The labor to set gemstones are sourced to who ever can provide the labor at the lowest cost. This does not equate to quality.

The fine jewelry profession has it's foundation not only in providing quality merchandise, but it is steeped in the arts as well. Fine jewelry is one of the very oldest art forms, but the mass marketed jewelry available today equates to fast food.

Having been in the jewelry industry for well over forty years in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, as well as a graduate gemologist earned in residency for the Gemological Institute of America, I would like to think that this very important purchase will not only provide pleasure for a lifetime of ownership, but a pleasure for the future generations as well.

So next time you are in one of these purveyors of jewelry ask them.
Where is your jewelry made?

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