Pearlman's list of Luxury 24 Carat Gold Jewelry Designers

Cathy CarmendyCathy Carmendy

Cathy Carmendy reinterprets the feminine romance of past eras with updated looks for today's woman. Cathy Carmendy is at the forefront of the resurgence of color in fine jewelry. The attention Cathy Carmendy lavishes on her vibrant-- yet elegant-- jewelry extends to the selection of her gemstones. Cathy Carmendy favors antique style rose-colored diamonds, briolette, and carved colored sapphires. The durability of the precious metals, combined with the fine craftsmanship in each piece, insures that they will last from generation to generation. A fine luxury 24 carat gold designer.

Prices from $600.00


Gurhan Orhan is renowned for his sensual and exotic designs in pure 24 carat yellow gold and precious gems. Based in New York City and Istanbul, Gurhan draws inspiration from the materials and techniques of his ancestors from ancient Anatolia and Bynzantium. Gurhan Jewelry beautifully mixes ancient exoticism with modern sensibilities and fashion. Unlike many luxury jewelry designers, Gurhan is entirely self taught. Not one to be confined behind a workbench, he likes to create at the beach, inspired by the stones and metals he touches and feels. Gurhan is committed to designing and creating jewelry that is comfortable to wear, sensual to touch, and timeless. He says:

"I seek to evoke the past in the context of the present. When I create my jewelry, I enter the mind of the ancient goldsmiths, reincarnating the mystery of their techniques and their spirit, and reinterpreting it with the inspiration of today's refined elegance."

Gurhan Jewelry is lovingly handmade and truly original. His use of pure 24 carat yellow gold creates warmth and deep sensuality, communicating an exotic energy to the woman wearing his earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Gurhan 24kt gold jewelry reminds us just how wonderful pure yellow gold jewelry looks and feels.


Every piece of SeidenGang Jewelry is designed to make an individual statement while complimenting the full collection. For over two decades, Carol Seiden and Carolyn Gang have been creating jewelry for women with a passion for life, enthusiasm for style, and desire for elegant rings, earrings, and other fine jewelry.

SeidenGang Jewelry pioneered the now-popular concept of antiquity-inspired jewelry. Twelve years ago, Carol and Carolyn found themselves in possession of a rare collection of ancient inspired plaster bas reliefs. So inspired were they by the pieces' intricate detail, that they began to transform the images into modern 18 karat jewelry.

The Classic Collection combines ancient motifs with modern design innovations to create contemporary classics. This Collection is the balance that is struck between the larger, bolder styles and the more delicate pieces. SeidenGang creates pieces such as these from a special 18k green gold alloy which resembles the warm color of the high karat gold used of antiquity.

Inspired by the Classic Collection, The Odyssey Collection has its own flavor, reminiscent of weathered ancient frescoes. Many pieces in the Odyssey Collection feature a large fissure in the metal with a flash of diamonds spilling forth, evoking the thrill of discovering hidden treasure.

With sophisticated elegance and an emphasis on brilliant diamonds, the Diamond Jubilee Collection adds to the timeless style and fashion flare of all the SeidenGang Jewelry. Made up of different shaped diamonds set in 18k gold and skillfully crafted with unique textures, the pieces in Diamond Jubilee will surely compliment your individual style.

Yuri IchihashiYuri Ichihashi

Individual Yuri Ichihashi necklaces and bracelets come to life through the painstaking manufacturing process, which is steeped in the ancient oriental art of silk weaving. Each component can be as thin as a silk thread, and is hand woven into gold braids, creating a wonderful sparkling effect. This effect is caused by the amazing fact that the strands, as thin as they are, are cut into never ending octagonal shape. The technique, used for her rings and earrings as well, create truly unique designer luxury jewelry that would complement any jewelry wardrobe.