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A pretty looking 18k yellow gold pink tourmaline ring from Beverley K. The center stone is a pink tourmaline that has a carat weight of 0.73. the ring features blank onyx stones in a halo setting and on the sides of the ring. This ring is available in 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum.
Beverley K: 215PP1

Pink tourmaline 18k gold ring
A magnetic platinum ring in midnight blue polarium platinum and 18K gold center Steven Kretchmer wedding ring. The rings measure 6.0mm in width. The middle ring is 18K yellow gold with 0.14 diamond carat weight. Each half is opposite as to magnetic polarity causing the rings to attract the other half. This is priced up to size 7, for over size 7 call for pricing
Steven Kretchmer: 84O1

Men's Diamond and Gold Wedding Ring
A gorgeous 14kt grey gold and sterling silver symmetry diamond wedding band by George Sawyer.  This piece is set with .60ctw of diamonds. The ring is 6mm in width.
George Sawyer: 28H1

George Sawyer J Mokume diamond wedding band
A great George Sawyer 6mm round edge wedding band of palladium/14kt grey gold and sterling silver. A very cool, multi-tone look. Size 10
Closeout Jewelry: 09H1

George Sawyer J mokume wedding bandReduced
Designed by Christian Bauer, this exquisite  5.0mm 18kt white gold wedding band is set with 6 diamonds at .60ctw.
Christian Bauer: 01RR1

Platinum & diamond wedding ring
A gents platinum smart looking wedding ring from Christian Bauer. The design features three grooves going down the center. This ring measures 5.5mm in width. Available in 14k and 18k white and yellow gold.
Christian Bauer: 88RR1

groove set wedding band
Gents platinum 6mm wedding band.  These can be made for any size and width. This band is also available in either 18kt white or yellow gold. Picture shown is a 4mm but the price is for a 6mm.
Pearlman's Bridal: 101EE1

Gents platinum 6mm wedding band. These can be made f...
Just in time for the up coming elections or the perfect gift for the person who seems to know or say anything if it advances their agenda. 
This ring has engraved in stone famed <q>Walking Eagle</q> symbol. Known for its Native American meaning of <q>A person who is so full of crap they cannot fly</q>.

Know anyone like that? Available for special order in sterling silver and solid gold. All rings are one of a kind.
Pearlman's Collection: 180EE1

Full of crap walking Eagle Ring
Designed by Christian Bauer, this sophisticated 6mm wedding band is created in platinum and set with 18K red gold in the center.
Christian Bauer: 40RR1

Platinum & red gold ring Christian Bauer
Before Steven passed away he designed these wedding bands, ''Rubber side down'', for his love of motorcycles.  These are platinum and 18kt gold and are 6mm each. It is our honor to present these for our friend Steven. Starting in size 7.
Steven Kretchmer: 72O1

Kretchmer "Rubber Side Down" band
George Sawyer's exotic 7mm <q>E</q> color half round men's band of 18kt red gold, yellow gold, grey gold and copper.
George Sawyer: 15H1

E Mokume unisex wedding band
Designed by Christian Bauer, this wedding band is beautifully made in platinum and is set with 17 baguette diamonds weighing 2.39ct total. The ring measure 8.5mm.
Request Price
Christian Bauer: 08RR1

Platinum & diamond Christian Bauer wedding ring
A stylish and men's ring that is not too over the top. The inside of the ring is 18k rose gold high polished. The outside of the ring is Platinum with a brush finish.
The rings measures 6mm in width. Come in your choose of gold color and metal content.
Christian Bauer: 85RR1

18k rose gold inside ring
An attractive wide hammered tapered Bridal wedding band. 6.1mm wide to 3.9mm back. 24K gold. This band can be made in ring sizes from 4 to 9. Additional sizes can be custom made.
Gurhan: 61GG1

24K pure gold mans ring
Designed by Christian Bauer, this  4.5mm platinum wedding band shines with one .17ct diamond. Also available in 18K white or yellow gold.
Christian Bauer: 25RR1

.17ct platinum wedding band
Designed by Christian Bauer, this wire brushed platinum wedding band measures 5.5mm in width. This is a solid platinum ring!
Christian Bauer: 67RR1

Platinum wedding ring Christian Bauer
Designed by Christian Bauer, this tailored platinum wedding band features a bezel-set .10ct. diamond. The ring measures 6.0mm in width. Also available in 18K and 14K white gold.
Christian Bauer: 53RR1

Platinum & single diamond wedding ring
This is a gorgeous mens wedding band by Michael Beaudry  . The size of the ring is 9 and width 5mm. It is absolutely flawless and made of  18kt yellow gold ring. Please call for current pricing information.
Michael Beaudry: 89B1

18k gold mens wedding band
Unique details: Scott Kay men's platinum 6mm wedding band with full satin finish and striking grooves in the band's center.
Scott Kay for Men: 25U1

Men's satin finish Platinum wedding ring
A beautiful 14k yellow gold diamond wedding band. This ring features 3 round cut diamonds and is great unisex band. The diamonds have a total carat weight of 0.15tcw and are VS-SI clarity.This band measures 6.77mm in width at the thickest and tappers to 3.4mm on the shank.
Estate Jewelry: 097EJ1

14k yellow gold unisex band
Whimsical yet substantial: Steven Kretchmer platinum and 24k yellow gold inlay ''Star'' wedding band is perfect for celebrating partnership with 15 melee diamonds. 7mm wide, finger size 6.
Closeout Jewelry: 11O1

Kretchmer Platinum and 24k yellow gold Star band
Designed by Christian Bauer, this classy platinum wedding band measures 6.0mm.
Christian Bauer: 63RR1

Platinum wedding ring Christian Bauer
Steven Kretchmer platinum XF ring embellished with a 22k yellow gold stripe. The ring is set with an approximate 3.8mm natural trillion cut diamond of G color, SI1 clarity. Size 6.25
Closeout Jewelry: 09O1

Kretchmer Tension Set Trilllion Diamond RingReduced
A men's 14k white and yellow gold wedding band from Christian Bauer. The width of the ring is 5mm. This ring can be made in platinum and gold.
Christian Bauer: 79RR1

14k yellow and white gold band
Designed by Christian Bauer, this wonderful 8.5mm 14K white gold diamond wedding band is set with 82 diamonds, .76ctw.  Also available in platinum and 18kt gold.
Christian Bauer: 03RR1

Platinum & diamond Christian Bauer wedding ring
Christian Bauer designed this classic 6.0mm 18K gold wedding band.
Christian Bauer: 55RR1

18k yellow gold wedding ring Christian Bauer
A distinctive 18kt two-tone gold wedding band from the Charles Green collection. this engraved ring with an enchanting ivy and leaf design will capture attention. Carved by hand, the ring measures 5.0mm in width.
Charles Green: 25HH1

Charles Green two tone engraved wedding band
Gents platinum 6mm Rope band from Scott Kay with an antique finish center.  Also available in 8, 10 and 12mm.
Scott Kay for Men: 28U1

Platinum wedding ring by Scott Kay
Christian Bauer designed this gents platinum and 18K yellow gold wedding band. The piece measures 6.5mm.
Christian Bauer: 69RR1

Platinum & 18k yellow gold ring Christian Bauer
Designed by Christian Bauer, this sharp 5.5mm platinum wedding band features one .17ct baguette diamond. Also available in 18K white or yellow gold.
Christian Bauer: 16RR1

Platinum & diamond Christian Bauer wedding ring
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