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Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry

Find unique jewelry dating from the middle of the 19th century onward.
Find a wide sampling of jewelry from the following periods of jewelry design:

Mid and Late Victorian Period: 1850-1890

Edwardian Period: 1901-1914

Art Nouveau: 1890-1915

Art Deco: 1920-1935

Retro Period: 1935-1949

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89EB7 - A very cool Victorian era Opera glasses. The piece is made entirely of brass and mother of pearl and is in mint condition. The handle is 6
Item: 89EB7 - A very cool Victorian era Opera glasses. The piece is made entirely of brass and mother of pearl and is in mint condition. The handle is 6" and the glasses are 4" in length. The eye pieces are engraved "Lamier Paris" Bertha :-) is engraved on the nose bow.

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Item 04EJ7 - A highly unusual cameo carving pendant/broach by M+M Scognamiglio Italy set in a 14kt gold bezel. The piece measures 1 7/8' by 1 5/8 inches.  The cameo is the pink park of the shell with reposse carvings from another part of the shell placed on the woman.  Maybe on of the prettiest cameos I have seen.
Item 03PM7 - These are 3 diamonds we removed from a antique mounting that was worn out.  

The larger is a .65ct VS minimum with a very slight nick on the edge.  The stone is bright white H-I color. This is a European cut stone measuring 5.44mm x 3.66mm. 
The two smaller diamonds weigh total .24ct. One is a European the other a old mine cut. They match well so we are keeping them together.
Item 02PM7 - A very beautiful Sterling Silver covered finger bowl. The signed piece is by Wedgwood for International Sterling #V48A This beautiful center piece measures 3 1/2+ inches at the bowl edge height, 5'' including the top and 3 1/4 at the base over all 8 inches width. There are a few small dings inside the bowl but overall very fine condition. 1920's.
Item 09PM7 - This is a signed Tiffany Studios New York #319 with 3 lights ''Lily'' lamp in mint condition. Two of the shades are signed LCT ( Louis Comfort Tiffany) these shade are without imperfections. The third we believe is a replacement shade and unsigned or we would call the piece near perfect (95%) plus.

The piece stands 13 inches in height with a 4 inch base. The patina is bronzed. The cord is in excellent condition but could not tell you if this is the original. What we do know is this has not been reconditioned for we know the family from whom owned it. Reference Alastair Duncan, Woodbridge: Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club 1988 Pg 59
Item 03EJ7 - Now, here's something very special. We are offering what is believed to be one set of only 65 recorded to be known token to see the True Cross of Jesus Christ. Heraclius recovered the cross and took it back to its final resting place at Jerusalem. <br />
<a target='_blank' href=''>Click here for the objective history of these tokens</a><br />
<a target='_blank' href=''>Click here for the history of how the tokens were brought back to Jerusalem</a>
Item 02EJ7 - These ancient Chinese spears were part of a collection of 38, owned by U.S. Consul General, Angus Ward in Mukden, Manchuria from 1947 to 1950. This collection was purchased by Consul General Angus Ward, who was later U.S. Ambassador to China. When the Communists gained control of China, he was held prisoner for over one year. This price is for the entire collection.
Item 91EB7 - A very fine shell cameo carving. This piece measures 3 1/4 ' x 2 1/2 ' This piece was carved in Italy.
Item 90EB7 - A nice Victorian pair of opera glasses from ? signed 'Verdi Paris' The piece is 4' in length and 2 1/2' in height. The glasses are made entirely of brass and mother of pearl. Fine condition.
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