Metalsmiths Sterling

Metalsmiths Sterling is The Hallmark of Quality

Metalsmiths Sterling Jewelry

Voted one of the USA's Next Great Consumer Brands by the Consensus Group at the NSADAQ OMX MarketSite in New York.

The Metalsmiths Sterling hallmark represents one of highest standards of sterling silver in the world. The way they hallmark their band is a British standard tradition. It guarantees a linkage between ownership to the highest level of standards.

You will notice four hallmarks on this line. The first hallmark represents the company Metalsmiths Sterling. The second represents the commonwealth, the birthplace of Metalsmiths Sterling. The .925 sterling is the annotation for the jewelry industry's highest standard of sterling silver. The crown represents the monarchy of the commonwealth, which is the level of respect to which we aspire in the treatment of all of our valued customers. Metalsmiths Sterling designs with an array to create unique and fascinating sterling silver jewelry.

They have over 30 exclusive collections with 800 different independent pieces scaled for individual styles ranging from various gem stones and diamonds. Featuring clean, contemporary, and European flair, you are sure to find something that appeals to every woman. We have the largest selection of Metalsmiths Sterling online.