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Why Get An Appraisal?

Most insurance companies require one before they can issue a policy, you might need one for tax purposes, or maybe you’ve always wondered what that old family heirloom of yours is worth. Many people mistake their receipts and other documentation as an appraisal; these documents are not credible for replacing your jewelry if they are stolen or lost. We have years of experience and we would like to ease your mind when it comes to finding an reliable jeweler to appraise your jewelry. At Pearlman's we can help with your search.

Michigan's Only Jewelry Store With Two In-Resident G.I.A. Gemologist.

Pearlman's is the only store in Michigan that feature two gemologist on staff to meet you appraisal needs. Whether you are local to the Battle Creek area, or across the nation, we can help you. We have been head quartered in Battle Creek Michigan since 1930.

How Often Should I Get An Appraisal Updated?

It is a good idea to update your appraisal every two years. This is because the market value has changed through inflation and the metal value. The value of gold could be up for the last time you had your jewelry appraised and now if you were to loss you jewelry your insurance will only pay part of the replacement cost as oppose to having the true value paid. If there is any damage to the jewelry, that could impact the value.

How to Get Started With An Appraisal?

FREE Appraisals.

We offer free appraisals for walk in customers. These appraisals are verbal and are not valid for insurance claims.

A free appraisal is written upon request when you make a purchase, either online or in our store.

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